The Cable Show 2013: No desktop phones, future CAT-iq support for Comcast, Biscotti gets a WebRTC boost


Washington D.C. – Residential handsets were in near zero quantities on the floor of The Cable Show, with the industry showing its embrace of smartphones and tablets as the primary interface to everything. 

The only handset was in Arris’ booth next to a functioning model of Comcast’s XG5, known within Arris as the […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–SMC details analog/G.722 HD voice solution for cable boxes


Arris won’t be the only cable box manufacturer offering HD voice via a software upgrade to existing hardware.  SMC Networks offered more details on how the solution is built around the Intel Puma 5 family of chips.

SMC VP of Engineering Pete Quigley said Intel had recently sent out a software update for the […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–Arris says 15 million HD voice capable endpoints deployed


Chicago, IL – Arris has over 15 million HD voice-capable cable endpoints deployed, according to a senior executive for the company.  The catch is that the interface is analog-based.

Arris Senior Vice President Derek Elder said the company had embedded hardware in its line of EMTAs and other devices some time ago to support […]