From IIT VoIP Conference & Expo: AT&T SIP transport PowerPoint slides


WARNING: BIG pictures ahead

These are several slides I’ve selected from the the AT&T SIP transport presentation given at the 5th Annual IIT VoIP Conference and Expo last week.

Please note: 1) This is not the full presentation, just excerpts. 2) As of October 18, evening, the full presentation is *not* on the IIT […]

AT&T lays out SIP peering architecture – and works it out


IIT VoIP Conference and Expo 2010, Chicago-burbs – AT&T ( has gone public with its architecture and plans (including business plans) for its SIP peering architecture.  While a company spokesperson wouldn’t discuss how far along the company was in discussions with other Tier 1 carriers, HD Voice News believes AT&T is much further along […]

AT&T "Monitoring" HD Voice, says spokesperson


Asked about reports of AT&T conducting HD voice trials/pilots in the San Antonio area, its PR firm responded thus:

“HD voice is a very interesting technology that we’re monitoring, but we don’t have an HD Voice offering or any plans to discuss at this time.”

AT&T’s response should be placed in context relative to […]

From AstriCon: Rumors of AT&T running HD voice in San Antonio


AT&T is doing something with HD voice in San Antonio, but details are relatively sparse.  Sources say that AT&T is doing an in-house trial, but have not clarified if this would be a consumer or business service.

If true, AT&T would join Verizon as the second/other major North American carrier working with HD Voice. […]