XConnect announces AudioCodes G.722/AMR-WB transcoding for its customers


XConnect (www.xconnect.net) is touting an AudioCodes HD voice transcoding solution between wireline and wireless networks for its HD Alliance customers.  The Alliance is an IP-based federation with 11 service providers.

The new capability uses XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and IP interconnection services along with AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 transcoding solution.  XConnect says the solution has been […]

CES 2011–Ooma adds mobile HD voice client for Android, iPhone


Las Vegas – Ooma (www.ooma.com) is now offering a mobile HD voice soft client to its Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod customers.

The Ooma Mobile HD app leverages a while-label version of the MailVision (AudioCodes) software client to use the Ooma service to make domestic and international calls from Android or Apple iOS devices over […]

ITEXPO: AudioCodes announces all-in-one multimedia home gateway, bundle with mobile software


Los Angeles – AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) has announced an expansion of its product lines and markets in one fell swoop with the MediaPack 252 Multimedia Home Gateway. The device – picked up by at least one service provider – integrates an ADSL2+ router, an 802.11n WiFi access point and CAT-iq “compliant” DECT for HD voice […]

Vonage goes with AudioCodes HD-voice capable soft client


Earlier this week, AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) – yes, those guys who have been preaching HD voice for a while – along with MailVision are providing Vonage (www.vonage.com) with its VoIP Mobile Access Solution (VMAS) to support the development of new mobile apps.

MailVision and VMAS both support G.722, but it is unlikely Vonage is going […]

AudioCodes adds mobile HD voice client support for Blackberry, Android


AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) has rounded out its VMAS family of mobile VoIP solutions to include Blackberry and Android clients. VMAS now covers all “leading mobile operating systems” including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Android, as well as existing solutions for the PC and web.

VMAS is a complete mobile VoIP/ SoIP (SMS over […]

AudioCodes buys rest of Natural Speech Communication


AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) will acquire all of N.S.C. Natural Speech Communication (NSC) that it doesn’t currently own.  Based in Israel, NSC does speech analytics and speech recognition.

Over the past couple of years, AudioCodes invested $8.6 million and held almost 60 percent of NSC, and started to count NSC’s financial results into its financials in […]

AudioCodes announces first quarter 2010 fiscal results


This year is starting out to be much better for AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com). The HD voice company (or HD VoIP as it would likely prefer) reported revenues of $34.8 million in 1Q 2010, as compared to $34.2 million in the last quarter of 2009 and $29.3 million back in the dark days of 1Q 2009.


Too early to talk HD Voice M&A?


With this weeks rush of acquisitions and investments in the IP communications space, one has to wonder who is looking at whom in terms of an acquisition or investment within the HD voice space. Two companies that immediately come to mind are AudioCodes and Polycom; Dialogic might be worth a look as well.

AudioCodes […]

And HD VoIP is just HD VoIP – no trademarks


AudioCodes also wants to clear the air about HD VoIP.  It has not trademarked “HD VoIP” but has registered the phrase “HDVoIP Sounds Better (AudioCodes).”

This follows the discussion with Polycom clarifying the use of “HD Voice” and how Polycom has its own unique trademark of “Polycom HD Voice”

Net-net:  HD voice and HD […]

HD Comm '09 – Tweets of AudioCodes, GIPS, Wyde Voice presentations


The tweets presented below were sent during the HD Communications Summit, September 15, 2009.  Some formatting and selective spelling correction done for readability.

Alan Percy, Director Market Development, AudioCodes

Alan Percy, Dir Mkt Develpment, AudioCodes takes stage. How do we get to “our dream” of HD. Awareness/education one step, very important Percy – Feeding […]