LG rolls out Bluetooth stereo HD voice headset


LG Electronics has announced the LG Tone+ (HBS-730) stereo headset.  The successor to the LG TONE (HBS-700) supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls.

The LG Tone+ includes an extended bass register and incorporates the aptX audio codec to provide “CD-quality” sound.  Via Bluetooth Multi-connection, the LG Tone+ can be “instantly” connected to two […]

Creative Labs gets into Bluetooth speaker wars with Sound BlasterAxx


Creative Technologies has jumped into the portable Bluetooth speaker game with the Sound BlasterAxx.  It’s a one-piece hexagon with a high-quality dual-microphone array, raising the stakes within the market for better quality.  According to a company spokesperson, the device supports “16 KHz wide band speech, which some refer to as HD voice.”

Creative Labs […]

Rubidium lands voice technology in Jabra JOURNEY speakerphone


Embedded speech processing technologies vendor Rubidium announced its latest product win with the Jabra JOURNEY.   The JOURNEY high-end car speakerphone features HD voice quality, “industry-leading” noise cancellation technology and auto on/off functionality with a built-in motion sensor.

This is the fifth Jabra win in 2011 released products for Rubidium.  Jabra has included Rubidium’s speech […]

Revolabs intros HD voice wireless conference phone


Revolabs has announced the Revolabs FLX(TM) VoIP, the first wireless conference phone designed for VoIP. The SIP phone includes wireless operation and integrated Bluetooth.

The phone uses distinct components, including a speaker, dial pad, and a variety of microphones. It can support a lapel microphone for a single person; an omnidirectional tabletop microphone that […]

Jabra introduces “HD voice ready” to U.S. consumers


Jabra has introduced a new term to U.S. mobile consumers – “HD voice-ready.”  Best Buy’s September 18 Sunday insert flyer promoting the company’s Extreme2 Bluetooth Headset highlighted the feature.

More specifically, the description of the Extreme2 Bluetooth Headset says “Hands-free headset with dual mic noise cancellation and HD voice-ready technology to provide clear audio.”  […]

Editorial: Bluetooth speakers and HD voice, some get it, some don’t


As mobile HD voice continues to spread across the world, it’s still a mixed bag as to which Bluetooth vendors “get it” and which don’t.  

Certainly Jawbone gets HD voice. It (with the guiding hand of Andy Abramson in the background) has been promoting a Jambox+iPad/iPhone+CounterPath combination as a mobile/portable speakerphone combo the […]

CSR adds HD voice to LG Bluetooth mono headset


CSR (www.csr.com) has claimed credit for adding support for HD voice to LG’s HBM-260, the “first” wideband speech enabled Bluetooth mono headset from LG.

The LG headset uses the CSR BC6145 Bluetooth audio chipset, the first solution to be qualified to the Bluetooth HFP 1.6 profile.   In addition to supporting HD voice, the LG […]

CSR announces yet another Bluetooth chip supporting HD voice


CSR (www.csr.com_ has announce support for the HFP 1.6 Bluetooth profile, which includes support for wideband speech/HD voice.   Its BC6145 part for mono headsets is the first one to support this new hands-free profile.

Needless to say, CSR has cranked out a flurry of Bluetooth HD voice support announcements across multiple products (chip sets) […]

CSR launches yet another Bluetooth and HD voice chipset–this time with Wi-Fi Direct


CSR (www.csr.com) has announced the CSR9100, a “connectivity platform” that supports Wi-Fi Direct as well as Bluetooth and HD voice.

Wi-Fi Direct, a standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, enables two modes of operation for phones and other devices.  You can get a mobile hot-spot function to share a 3G or 4G broadband connection […]

CSR launches BC6145 for HD voice with mono Bluetooth


Fresh off of its announcement of the CSR8000 platform and its support of HD voice, CSR (www.csr.com) has launched the BC6145.  The Bluetooth audio platform is designed for mono/lower cost applications.

The ROM-based device is designed to support HD voice call quality A2DP music streaming, bi-directional noise reduction, and ultra-low-power wind reduction (WNR).