Deutsche Telekom adds broadband HD voice with Speedphone 700, iPhone SIP client


Deutsche Telekom (DT) this week has officially rolled out an Android DECT phone with native G.722 support, plus there’s an iPhone G.722 SIP client for in-home WiFi use.  It’s the latest move by DT to expand its HD voice support in the consumer world.

The Speedphone 700 is an Android-based home phone with […]

Does/Will Deutsche Telekom support HD voice on broadband?


Two vendors supplying hardware to Deutsche Telekom (DT)have touted their support for HD voice over CAT-iq, but it isn’t clear if DT is formally supporting HD voice via broadband.

Today’s announcement from DSP Group and a May announcement by Lantiq touting CAT-iq 2.0  means the company is deploying HD voice-capable equipment, but there […]

Orange plans to roll broadband HD voice service in Spain


Orange Spain “will soon launch HD voice on fixed telephony,” according to a post by a product manager left on a LinkedIn site created by HD Voice News in support of a January 2010 event.

Details have been requested via the LinkedIn site.

TranSwitch licenses AMR-WB for wireline silicon implementation


Telecommunications fabless semiconductor company TranSwitch ( has licensed AMR-WB from VoiceAge (, marking a push to move AMR-WB beyond the cellular world into more wireline gear.

TranSwitch makes a range of system on a chip (SoC) solutions combining embedded DSPs and software suites.  The company will incorporate AMR-WB into its Entropia  infrastructure product line […]

HD wireless to wireline – The other transcoding headache


Going through the tweets and notes of last week’s HD Communications Summit / HD Comm ’09, there’s another reason why transcoding isn’t the best solution to moving between AMR-WB and G.722 — added latency.

While transcoding processes may be very fast, the process is not a non-zero one and adds some amount of latency […]