Picture of the Dolby Voice Conference Phone


Below is a top view of the Dolby Voice Conference Phone. The picture literally covered the wall of the BT/Dolby suite.  key features to note are the blue “ring” indicating an active conversation/open line and the CD-sized touchscreen at the 6 O’clock position. 

The shiny bar at the top of the touchscreen is […]

Enterprise Connect 2014– Dolby shows Voice Conference Phone, BT promotes MeetMe service


Orlando, Florida – BT and Dolby are marking their third year at Enterprise Connect promoting BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conferencing.  This time around, Dolby showed off its Voice Conference Phone. The world has changed, and it hasn’t.

Pricing on the beautifully designed Dolby Voice Conference Phone wasn’t announced, but would be “comparable” to […]

BT launches second IPX exchange hub in Singapore, says there’s revenue in HD voice


BT Global Services has opened up a second  IP Exchange (IPX) hub in Singapore, reports ZD Net.  BT execs say IPX will lead to new revenues and the ability to stay competitive against over-the-top (OTT) providers, with HD voice providing revenue opportunities.

Once again, BT is talking up its transcoding solution available through its […]

BT Global Telecom finds HD voice, promotes global IP Exchange (IPX) for SIP exchange


Over the past month, BT Global Telecom has ramped up promotion of HD voice through several blog postings and UK interviews.  The carrier is positioning itself as the place to go to exchange HD voice and other SIP services , but it is also waiving around an old idea on how to make money […]

Snom scores distribution deal with BT


Snom has signed a distribution deal with BT’s IT hardware, software, and services business, BT Business Direct.  The deal will allow BT’s business customers to purchase snom’s “extensive range” of products, including IP phones and IP PBX solutions (!), directly through the BT Business Direct online store.

BT customers will be able to […]

BT: You say HD voice, it says “Hi-dS (High definition sound)” – 2 million endpoints?


BT (www.bt.com) does indeed provide G.722 HD voice through various consumer products.  However, there’s no mention of G.722, HD voice, or wideband voice on the BT website; BT’s marketing speak calls it “Hi-dS (High definition sound)".

Sources working with BT say the carrier has purchased and deployed up to 2 million HD voice endpoints, […]

Largest G.722 HD voice deployments around the globe


This list is a moving target/snapshot of what is known and confirmed.

1) France Telecom/Orange  – Over 500,000 G.722 endpoints – Reported May, 2009

Despite some prodding, France Telecom has not yet updated its broadband HD voice numbers since reporting them last year in New York City.  The numbers cited are assumed to […]