Enterprise Connect 2012 – Comcast officially rolls out Business VoiceEdge cloud-based HD voice service


Does the cable industry do anything fast?  Comcast officially launched/announced Business VoiceEdge this week, a cloud-based (i.e., hosted) voice and unified communications solution. It’s a service they were demonstrating in plain sight back at The Cable Show 2011.  The service includes HD voice, a “common user experience,” and a full suite of UC features, […]

Optimum Lightpath rolls out audio and web conferencing


Optimum Lightpath has rolled out a Conference Bundle, a full line of conference services including “enterprise-class” audio and web conferencing.  The service provides support for HD voice if the customer has it.

Features of the conference bundle include support for up to 300 audio only or 125 web and audio participants; a “Connect Me” […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–Comcast demos business HD voice offering


While nobody at Comcast was ready to talk about HD voice on the consumer side, the company was demonstrating in plain sight the capability to support it and videoconferencing on the business side.


The “Managed Business Class Voice” demonstration featured Polycom’s poster-child VVX video phone to do point-to-point video calls in Comcast’s […]

Empirix notes poor voice quality – Hello, HD voice, hello!


The CAT-iq developer’s conference people came across an Empirix-commissioned study noting that poor voice quality impacts customer experience in contact centers.

While the study is more geared towards getting contact centers to buy Empirix solutions to clean up their voice issues, the study results could be equally applicable to getting HD voice rolled […]

Cincinnati Bell supporting HD through Evolve – more details to come


Evolve, a Cincinnati Bell Company focusing on business solutions, has just announced a new suite of “cloud” products based on an MPLS platform.  The Emerge product provides a hosted VoIP solution which will support HD Voice, says the PR rep.

More specifically, Evolve will support HD on both Polycom and Cisco handsets.  Of course, […]

Broadvox lines up behind HD voice with new hosted product


During its partner summit, Broadvox (www.broadvox.com) became the latest provider to offer HD voice support. Its newly announced GO!Hosted product lists “HD voice quality” among its many features.

GO!Hosted is being touted as “approximately two-thirds less” than what is being charged by (most other) hosted VoIP providers for similar services, with cost savings being […]

Optimum Lightpath HD voice service exceeding “expectations”


Not disclosing numbers on its initial efforts, Optimum Lightpath is apparently selling a lot of hosted HD voice, if the one line comment HD Voice News received to an inquiry earlier this week.

“While we do not disclose number of endpoints, we can say that demand has exceeded our best expectations.  This is a […]

Phone.com launches hosted HD Voice service for SMBs


Editor’s note: Phone.com and ooma are sponsors of www.hdconnectnow.org

Phone.com has announced the introduction of its new HD Business Phone service, adding to the company’s portfolio of VoIP Virtual Office Services.   Businesses can purchase their own HD IP phones to complement their Phone.com Virtual Office account or purchase a phone from phone.com to use […]