The Cable Show 2011–“Talk About a Dream: New Directions in Cable Voice”


When The Cable Show ( arrives the week of June 13, will cable companies open up about HD voice?   Representatives from Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, and the FCC will “Talk About a Dream: New Directions in Cable Voice” on Tuesday. A session description is below–

Cable’s emergence as a mainstay provider of residential and business […]

HD Voice Snapshot – Business hosted VoIP providers


Lots of islands, with continents to come

5 providers queried/interviewed:  8×8/Packet 8, Alteva, Cablevision/Optimum Lightpath, Whaleback Systems, Verizon Business

Many hosted business VoIP providers currently offer HD voice as an “upsell”/advanced feature to businesses and charge extra for it, but this is likely to change because HD-capable handsets are becoming more affordable and prolific, […]

Are the "Original Gangsters" of NGN missing the HD boat?


Without naming names, a number of all-IP service providers who have heartily embraced the Next Generation Network model seem to be blaise-faire on HD Communications and HD voice.  Are they doing so at their own risk?

A casual attitude to providing high-quality voice is all the more shocking given North America cable interest/intent to […]