Limited briefing time available at International CES 2014


Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will once again be submitting himself to the pain that is CES (More formally, International CES 2014) in Las Vegas.

Mohney will be available for meetings at the following desktop press events–

Sunday, January 5: CES Unveiled (Mandalay Bay) and Startup Debut

Monday, January 6: Digital Experience (PEPCOM)

Tuesday, January 7: […]

Editorial: CES and the difference 8 hours makes


Las Vegas, Nevada, Gate D50 laptop charging stations – Earlier today, I was making the show floor rounds at CES 2013 (OK, International CES 2013, but really CEA, you’re on my bad list just below the T-Mobile PR people at this point).  At 3 to 4 meetings, I said that there was a “25 […]

High-end earphones featured in International CES 2013 awards


Not one but two companies will be featured at International CES 2013’s Design and Engineering awards.  Sennheiser and Phiaton have headphones and earphones to make the high-end audiophile happy.

Sennheiser’s IE 800 earphones feature a scratch-resistant ceramic housing, frequency response of 5 to 46,500 Hz, a vented magnet system and a specially developed […]

HD Voice News currently taking appointments for CES 2013


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney is currently booking appointments for #CES2013, more formally known as 2013 International CES, running from January 8-11, 2013 in Las Vegas.

Companies seeking to set up meetings should know that Doug has tentative scheduled out the following schedule of movement–

January 6 (Sunday)

CES Unveiled, Sunday, January 6, […]

CES 2013 HD voice session–“Richer Mobile Communication through Broadband”


“Broadband Unlimited,” the CES 2013 track including a session discussing HD voice and Rich Mobile Communications Service (RCS), is set for Monday, January 7, 2013, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall N256.

Learn why the Apple iPhone 5 supports HD voice, MetroPCS favors "rich" communications services (RCS) […]

Editorial: An HD voice session at CES?


I’ve been having some background discussion with a company programming a day-long track at CES.  (er, AHEM, International 2013 CES)

The organization has roughly proposed the following within their track on Monday, January 7, 2013 – the day before CES opens up – they could have an HD voice/broadband voice session running from about […]

Editorial: HD voice at CES 2013: Boom or boredom?


I started making plans to attend CES 2013 (The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, to be more precise) earlier this week.  The Consumer Electronics Association hasn’t even finalized the day long pre-show tracks, but I wanted to get a jump on the process.  I’m wondering if HD voice will be a boom or end […]

Editorial–Recovering from CES 2012


I am (once again, damn you annual severe airplane cold) recovering from CES.  There’s a backlog of at least 2-3 stories from last week, plus a bunch of significant material flowing from announcements this week.

Bits from last week include–

D2’s move into LTE Ericsson’s embrace of G.719 and priority queuing for gaming as […]

CES 2012 meeting schedule for HD Voice News


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be on site at CES in Las Vegas from Sunday, January 8 through Wednesday afternoon, January 11.  

Sunday, January 8

CES Unveiled, 4-7 PM, The Venetian Ballroom D

Monday, January 9

Various press conferences at the Venetian, 8 AM through approximately 4 PM. Some time available […]

CES 2012–Tuesday, January 10: Hilton Suite day, ShowStoppers


At CES 2012, HD Voice News will be making the “suite circuit” at the Hilton Hotel on the morning of Tuesday, January 10 and attending ShowStoppers on Tuesday evening

Anyone looking for a briefing at CES who is in a Hilton suite should get in touch with HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney at […]