Cox Business launches cloud-based HD voice service


Cox Business has announced a cloud-based HD voice service for businesses.

VoiceManager IP Centrex is a managed hosted in Cox’s private IP network. Businesses pay a flat rate per seat and receive Cisco SPA phones with HD voice, fitting in with the same pay-per-seat/you-get-a-phone model that has become the standard for SMB and […]

Cisco, CTM collaborate on CloudVerse “Business” Talk hosted HD voice solution for Macau


Cisco and CTM, Macau’s leading telecommunications operator, have announced a collaboration highlighting Cisco’s CloudVerse framework with the introduction of a “Business Talk” Unified Communication Service by CTM.  The hosted service will feature HD voice as a part of the package.

CloudVerse is a framework combining Cisco and third-party technologies with the elements of Unified […]

ILT Optics gets an Switchvox/Cisco HD voice solution from TelOnline


An ophthalmic producer and supplier focusing on the Latin America market is buying a Switchvox solution with Cisco HD voice capable phones.  Integrated Lens Technology (ILT) has contracted with TelOnline to put in business phone/unified communications solutions into Miami, Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador and 14 countries in Latin America, according to the press […]

Whispered – Cisco IME did not make carriers happy


Cisco’s ( IME (Intercompany Media Engine) hasn’t made large carriers very happy, according to one source.  The IME, which does automatic SIP connection between enterprises – if both sides buy the box – stepped on toes because it cut out the service provider as the primary source for trunking services.

Cincinnati Bell supporting HD through Evolve – more details to come


Evolve, a Cincinnati Bell Company focusing on business solutions, has just announced a new suite of “cloud” products based on an MPLS platform.  The Emerge product provides a hosted VoIP solution which will support HD Voice, says the PR rep.

More specifically, Evolve will support HD on both Polycom and Cisco handsets.  Of course, […]

Cisco Cius Android Tablet supports HD Voice


Last week, Cisco ( threw a curve ball into the enterprise space, announcing an Android-based tablet focused on high-quality video conferencing.  The “Cius” (See Us) hardware support HD voice both in the tablet form and via the optional docking station that supports HD voice, making it the latest and greatest in recent video announcements […]

HD Voice news out of VoiceCon Orlando 2010 (The Last Dance)


If you didn’t catch the news, VoiceCon is now being transmorgified into Enterprise Connect.  More details can be found here at  FYI, TechWeb won’t be holding a fall Enterprise Connect event in San Francisco.

The biggest single theme for the HD voice community is the dual push by Acme Packet ( and Cisco […]

VoiceCon Orlando: Cisco’s magic SIP interoperability box


Cisco ( has announced the Intercompany Media Engine (IME), a box that being called unified communications (UC) for its ability to enable secure business-to-business HD voice and “enterprise” video from video-enabled devices by simply dialing standard phone numbers.

For VoiceCon, Cisco announced it has conduced the first intercompany “UC” calls (because that’s cooler […]

Editorial – The return of Enterprise federation (again)


COMPTEL PLUS, Nashville, TN – The demand for seamless enterprise connectivity via SIP for applications such as HD voice and videoconferencing is driving Cisco and other enterprise vendors to solicit third-party solutions for business SIP interoperability.  “Federation” is back again and it might have a better chance of sticking this time around.

Enterprise federation […]

Too early to talk HD Voice M&A?


With this weeks rush of acquisitions and investments in the IP communications space, one has to wonder who is looking at whom in terms of an acquisition or investment within the HD voice space. Two companies that immediately come to mind are AudioCodes and Polycom; Dialogic might be worth a look as well.

AudioCodes […]