On Twitter: CounterPath to support Opus across its softphone line


A tweet using the #HDvoice hashtag says soft client maker CounterPath will support Opus across its entire line of softphones “in just weeks.”

The move shouldn’t be that surprising, since the CounterPath Bria clients are able to support multiple codecs already.  Opus would be a drop-in/upgrade to existing software.

CounterPath’s line of VoIP/UC […]

France Telecom’s Libon gets cute about its HD voice support–AAC?


Libon, France Telecom’s shiny new free app for the iPhone and coming soon to Android, is getting a lot of Twitter buzz for supporting HD voice.  However, the PR firm and the Libon Twitter account aren’t saying what codec is being used, other than hinting it is something beyond the “standard” HD voice experience.  […]

Line2 officially adopts Opus codec


Over-the-top provider Line2 (www.line2.com) has officially rolled in the Opus codec into the latest version of its Apple iOS communications app.  Line2 is incorporating the IETF certified codec into all of its future apps for 2013 release.

The announcement came in an October 18, 2012 blog post. Line2 version 9.0 for the iPhone, […]

Sources: AMR-WB licensing a pain if you aren’t building devices


During last week’s rounds at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West 2012, two software companies said licensing AMR-WB for use in their products was a royal pain.  VoiceAge’s patent pool apparently only covers end-user device implementations of the codec, requiring companies to work directly with the different patent holders – all of which have […]

Fraunhofer promotes “Full HD voice” AAC for Smart TV solutions


At IFA in Berlin, Fraunhofer presented its Enhanced Low Delay AAC codec (AAC-ELD) as the “next generation” video telephony solution for SmartTVs.

Demonstrations were put on at a Fraunhofer booth to demonstrate improvements in audio quality using AAC-ELD for SmartTV communications apps. Billed as “Full-HD Voice",” AAC-ELD supports audio bandwidth of more than 14 […]

Brother OmniJoin video conferencing uses Opus codec


Brother joins the line of hardware-adding-services companies, but instead of a label-maker, the company now has the OmniJoin web and video conferencing service for desktops.   A spokesperson for the company says the service uses the Opus codec for both voice and video transmissions.

OmniJoin Online Meetings web conferencing, yet another cloud service (YACS), […]

TI offers “Highly integrated” codec on audio, wideband voice processing chip


Texas Instruments (TI)  has introduced  the TLV320AIC3262, calling it “the industry’s most highly integrated audio codec with embedded miniDSP cores,” providing echo and noise cancellation at wideband voice sampling rates up to 16 kHz.

The new chip integrates five amplifiers and two miniDSP cores. Designers have the ability to interface to up to […]

Fraunhofer adds new low bit rate codec to AAC family


In addition to demonstrating “Full HD Voice” at Mobile World Congress, Fraunhofer IIS will premiere Extended HE-AAC, the latest upgrade to the MPEG AAC family.

According to Fraunhofer, Extended HE-AAC significantly improves the audio quality of music and speech, particularly at very low bit rates of 8 kbit/s and more. It is compatible […]

Biscotti does HD voice–but with a proprietary codec


New consumer electronic “TV phone” Biscotti may boast of HD voice, but the company’s PR firm says it uses a proprietary codec, and didn’t have further details.

Biscotti (www.biscott.com – gotta wonder how much that domain name cost)  is a combination of video camera and remote that plugs into an HDMI on an HDTV […]

CounterPath adding SILK codec to Bria soft client


Thanks to Michael Graves for the tip

CounterPath is adding the Microsoft/Skype SILK codec to its Bria soft client. The company first let slip the news in a November 8, 2011 blog posting.

The company points out while the SILK codec is free and performs “very well” compared to other similar codecs that […]