Picture of the Dolby Voice Conference Phone


Below is a top view of the Dolby Voice Conference Phone. The picture literally covered the wall of the BT/Dolby suite.  key features to note are the blue “ring” indicating an active conversation/open line and the CD-sized touchscreen at the 6 O’clock position. 

The shiny bar at the top of the touchscreen is […]

Enterprise Connect 2014– Dolby shows Voice Conference Phone, BT promotes MeetMe service


Orlando, Florida – BT and Dolby are marking their third year at Enterprise Connect promoting BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conferencing.  This time around, Dolby showed off its Voice Conference Phone. The world has changed, and it hasn’t.

Pricing on the beautifully designed Dolby Voice Conference Phone wasn’t announced, but would be “comparable” to […]

Callvine adds HD voice conferencing to new free iPhone app


Austin, Texas-based Callvine (www.callvine.com) has rolled out a new iPhone app that includes support for HD voice using G.722.1 and conferencing through TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com)

As is typical, HD voice on the iPhone app is supported via Wi-Fi connection.  Other HD voice features include free voice recording.  The app also provides live conference controls, […]

Trends: Wainhouse Research predicts increased demand for better sound


Thanks to Jeff Rodman for the tip

As one of it’s “WR’s Dozen: 12 Predictions for 2012,” Wainhouse Research (www.wainhouse.com) there will be increased demand for better “sound” in the conferencing experience.

“We’ll see increased demand for better sound in the conferencing experience, as end users finally realize that the image —whether it’s […]

Optimum Lightpath rolls out audio and web conferencing


Optimum Lightpath has rolled out a Conference Bundle, a full line of conference services including “enterprise-class” audio and web conferencing.  The service provides support for HD voice if the customer has it.

Features of the conference bundle include support for up to 300 audio only or 125 web and audio participants; a “Connect Me” […]

TurboBridge licenses HD voice conferencing solution to Broadvox


Broadvox (www.broadvox.com) becomes the latest public licensee of TurboBridge’s (www.turbobridge.com) HD voice conferencing system. 

TurboBridge, started up in 2010, previously announced relationships with Aastra and SimpleSignal, with other companies having quietly white-labeled the service.  The audio conferencing service supports G.722 and boasts a patent-pending “TurboSound Enhancement Technology” to adjust and balance sound.


Digium adds “wideband” media engine, extended codec support into Asterisk 10 release


At AstriCon in Denver this week,  Digium (www.digium.com) announced it had added a “wide-band media engine” into the latest release of Asterisk.  The new support is hailed as the biggest upgrade to the software, including support for “an unlimited number” of codecs and support for SILK, 32kHz Speex, and pass-through support for CELT.  Plus […]

Nefsis launches next-gen VoIP audio engine for B2B video conferencing


Nefsis (www.nefsis.com) has announced its software-based VoIP engine with full-duplex, multiparty audio.  As a part of its HD video conferencing cloud, the enhanced VoIP engine enables multiple participants to speak at the same time and offers improved acoustic echo cancellation support for laptops and better noise cancellation for “superior” audio performance during on-line meetings.


ShoreTel announces HD “audio conferencing”–but how many HD voice codecs do they support?


Las Vegas – ShoreTel (www.shoretel.com) has announced that the latest release of its phone, er UC software now supports HD audio conferencing.  The bigger question is how many HD voice codecs the software/hardware IP PBX system actually supports.

A conversation on the Interop show floor with a sales engineer lead to a setup screen […]

Metaswitch Forum: HD voice on the roadmap, including conferencing


Orlando, FL – At today’s presentations at the Metaswitch Forum (www.metaswitch.com), HD voice got some love (i.e. slides) on the product roadmap, including support for HD voice conferencing by the end of the year.

“HD voice is one of the few tricks that VoIP does that you can’t do with POTS,” said Metaswitch […]