trunks to TurboBridge HD voice conferencing service

Tweet ( is turning on a HD voice audio conferencing bridge for its business customers, with services provided by the very-busy TurboBridge ( customers can get their own dedicated conference access number as well as speed dial access from their Virtual Office phones to their own dedicated conference bridge.  Initially, TurboBridge […]

VoiceCon: Polycom refreshes iconic conference phone with HD voice, better price


Orlando, FL – Polycom ( has rolled out the SoundStation IP 5000 Conference Phone, a device with a tweaked look and a MSRP of $599.

Needless to say, the IP 5000 features Polycom HD Voice (i.e. G.722) and is designed for private offices and small meeting rooms. SIP 

Polycom dominates the conference phone […]

Aastra and TurboBridge announce HD voice team-up


Aastra ( and TurboBridge ( have announced a bundling/trial deal for Aastra SIP phones. Look for smiles from both parties.

The two are offering a 60 day free trial of the TurboBridge “HD audio” conferencing service to Aastra SIP phone customers, carriers, and resellers. Aastra supports G.722 via its Hi-Q audio technology and G.722 […]

TurboBridge focuses on HD voice conferencing without the whistles


With many participants in the conference services game, TurboBridge ( has decided to keep its approach simple, sticking to SIP-based conferencing, a service “priced to sell” and all-you-can eat conferencing plan.

“Consumers are numb to the ‘better message’,” said TurboBridge CEO Chris Koehncke, “The HD message falls on deaf ears, it’s not until people […]

Recent HD voice pieces published on other news sites


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney has published a handful of pieces at other sites over the past month–

TechEye (

The Two Minute Guide to mobile HD voice


A Half-Full Glass of HD Voice from Mobile World Congress – And Getting Fuller

Who is ‘Doing’ HD Voice? Five Companies to […]

Guest Column: An “ear opener” to HD voice in conferencing


By Randolph Resnick, Producer VoIP Users Conference” URL:

We began using the ZipDX ( wideband conference bridge about one year ago. I had been doing PSTN and g711 SIP conferences two years before that.

Over the three years, I have moderated thousands of hours of conferences, and the change to wideband was definitely […]

Wyde Voice announces HD SoftBridge at HD Communications Summit


At the HD Communications Summit, Wyde Voice announced HD SoftBridge, its HD audio and web conferencing bridge technology in software form.  The new tech eliminates the need for DSP cards so audio conference providers can use off-the-shelf hardware to setup conferencing bridges that scale from 2 to 10,000 concurrent user ports with multiple cards/blades.