Gigaset shows off analog HD voice firmware support with 610A


Dallas, Texas – Gigaset ( is showing off U.S. support for 7 kHz analog HD voice on its existing hardware. The capability can be added to existing Gigaset HD voice phones via a simple firmware download, but the emphasis will likely be on newer model handsets.

A demonstration at a distributor event in Dallas […]

ITEXPO: AudioCodes announces all-in-one multimedia home gateway, bundle with mobile software


Los Angeles – AudioCodes ( has announced an expansion of its product lines and markets in one fell swoop with the MediaPack 252 Multimedia Home Gateway. The device – picked up by at least one service provider – integrates an ADSL2+ router, an 802.11n WiFi access point and CAT-iq “compliant” DECT for HD voice […]

Ooma hedges again on HD voice: launch in “next few months” – but that’s not the real story


According to a piece published yesterday in Enterprise VoIP Planet, Ooma ( plans to launch an HD voice service “within the next few months.”  

Hello, hello? This is what the company’s been saying over the past year. And oh-by-the-way, it looks like the company has finished reshuffling its executive suite with a new […]

CES – Ooma officially embraces HD Voice, adds other goodies to service


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At CES, Ooma ( rolled out several new features and enhances services for its second-generation Telo system, including formally announcing “High Definition Voice.” Other additions include a double-packet-sending “Pure Voice” feature to provide enhanced voice reliability, mobile phone calling with the iPhone family, Bluetooth support, […]

ooma "as good as a land line" – No, it's better.


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Ooma may want to chat with some of the radio stations conducting live reads for its recent on-air commercials.   At least one show host in the D.C. described the service as “good as a land line” — an undersell of a product (telo) that provides […]

From AstriCon: Rumors of AT&T running HD voice in San Antonio


AT&T is doing something with HD voice in San Antonio, but details are relatively sparse.  Sources say that AT&T is doing an in-house trial, but have not clarified if this would be a consumer or business service.

If true, AT&T would join Verizon as the second/other major North American carrier working with HD Voice. […]

HD Voice Summit at the 2010 CES – Wed, Jan. 6


The “i”s have been dotted, the “t”s have been crossed and inspected by a lawyer, so the HD Voice Summit at the 2010 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is on.

The afternoon event (Note: Not full day) is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 from 1 PM to 5:30 PM at the […]

North America's HD Voice Fall Season


As the fall of 2009 arrives in North America, so will HD voice.  Within days, Best Buy will be stocking telo, ooma’s second generation hardware, for the holiday shopping season.  As the leaves fully change colors and approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, 8×8 will flip the switch on its Aastra software upgrade.   Both events — […]