Motorola cable–Yes we use Intel Puma 5 chipset. No, nobody’s asking for HD voice


One of the loose ends from The Cable Show (#cable11) last month was if Motorola was going to support the software upgrade for HD voice in its set top boxes, like Arris and SMC.

A Motorola spokesperson said the company’s set top boxes did use the Intel/TI Puma 5 chipset, but there have […]

NETGEAR has one HD voice product, more on the way


NETGEAR ( has one service provider product supporting HD voice today and will likely make more announcements at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The EVG2000, released “6 to 8 months ago” is a GigE wireless voice gateway that supports 802.11n and DECT, including CAT-iq, said a NETGEAR spokesperson.  Under VoIP, the […]

New Broadcom chip includes DECT CAT-iq, HD voice support


Broadcom latest broadband IAD (integrated access device) chip has integrated almost everything but the kitchen sink, including support for DECT CAT-iq and HD voice.  No big surprise that the announcement comes during Broadband World Forum Europe 2009, since CAT-iq has been blessed by France Telecom for incorporation into all of its end-user handsets.

The […]