Latest GSA report: Mobile HD voice on 51 networks, 38 countries, 127 phones


A pair of reports from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, this week underline the growth of HD voice on mobile networks.  You can now find AMR-WB on 51 mobile phone networks in 38 countries, with 127 “announced” HD voice phones from 14 manufacturers.

HD voice is getting customers to make more or […]

There will be a top 5 HD Voice deployments list. 10?


So far, the Top 5 HD Voice deployment numbers look like this:

500,000      A major European carrier 50,000   A large hosted business VoIP provider in North America 11,000    Down Under in the Legacy Carrier “almost” 5,000   Major carrier HQ 4,200    Major university

There’s another university that has around 4000-5000 endpoints, and some other universities […]

Call for numbers – Who has the largest HD voice installations in the world?


Sure, France Telecom has over 500,000 broadband HD voice users with G.722, but who has the second largest number of HD voice users in the world? Is it 8×8? Verizon’s HQ in Basking Ridge?

Dare we even mention all those Second Life users using SIREN? Does SILK qualify as HD voice?

Put in your […]