Deutsche Telekom turns up HD voice on its 2G network


While most recent hype has been on VoLTE deployments, Deutsche Telekom (DT) is backfilling HD voice service, adding support for AMR-WB on its GSM network this month.

DT has previously turned up HD voice on its 3G UMTS/HSPA-ish network. The carrier notes it is the first one in Germany to support HD on […]

Deutsche Telekom: We’re not doing HD voice interconnection yet, on roadmap


German carrier Deutsche Telekom (DT) is not yet conducting HD voice call exchange either among its own subsidiaries or with other carriers on a peering or IPX basis, according to a company official. However, it and transcoding are on the roadmap.

The remarks came as a part of a discussion on interconnection and IPX […]

Deutsche Telekom adds broadband HD voice with Speedphone 700, iPhone SIP client


Deutsche Telekom (DT) this week has officially rolled out an Android DECT phone with native G.722 support, plus there’s an iPhone G.722 SIP client for in-home WiFi use.  It’s the latest move by DT to expand its HD voice support in the consumer world.

The Speedphone 700 is an Android-based home phone with […]

Deutsche Telekom turns up mobile HD voice in Germany


Deutsche Telekom, the incumbent phone company of Germany, has officially announced the turn up of HD voice service on its 3G mobile network.  All the usual “standards” seem to apply.

HD voice service is available across the country’s network “nationwide,” according to the DT press release.   It is “automatic” and free with an HD […]

Does/Will Deutsche Telekom support HD voice on broadband?


Two vendors supplying hardware to Deutsche Telekom (DT)have touted their support for HD voice over CAT-iq, but it isn’t clear if DT is formally supporting HD voice via broadband.

Today’s announcement from DSP Group and a May announcement by Lantiq touting CAT-iq 2.0  means the company is deploying HD voice-capable equipment, but there […]

DSP Group brags about silicon in Deutsche Telekom HD voice phone


DSP Group has its XpandR® multimedia chipset in a newly released multimedia cordless phone being offered by Deutsche Telekom (DT).  It’s an Android fixed-line “hybrid” smart phone, with both DECT/CAT-iq and Wi-Fi.

The Speedphone 700 has a 3.2 inch touch screen with an “icon-grid” user interface.  The XpandR chip set supports DECT and […]

Lantiq CAT-iq 2.0 certification leads to Deutsche Telekom HD voice on broadband


Lantiq ( has announced its XWAY and COSMIC chipsets have been incorporated into the first home gateway certified as CAT-iq  2.0 compliant by the DECT Forum.  Deutsche Telekom will upgrade its Speedport W 504V home gateway to be CAT-iq compliant in its service area – Germany – beginning this summer.

The Lantiq COSIC Modem […]

Huawei wins UK Orange/DT Everything Everywhere network upgrade–HD voice in mix?


Reports out of the U.K. are crediting Huawei ( with a big equipment order.  The company appears to have won a four year deal to upgrade Everything Everywhere, the joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.

An officially announcement may be coming today (May 9) out of Huawei’s HQ in Shenzhen, China, reports […]

Deutsche Telekom getting ready to pull the trigger on HD voice in German


There’s an unsourced short bit today on Wireless Federation saying Deutsche Telekom (DT) “could start” using AMR-WB this year.

According to the piece, a spokesperson for DT says “large parts” of its mobile network will be AMR-WB enabled after an upgrade in the coming months.  A concrete date for a commercial launch of […]