Editorial–The HD voice “stamp”/logo on IP desktop phones: Just do it.


One of the most interesting/subtle marketing moves Digium did on its phones is to put the phrase “HD voice” on the handset.  There aren’t a lot of people who do that right now.

As I’m flipping through pictures and leftovers from IT EXPO East 2012, I see Denwa has its phone handset stamped […]

IT EXPO East 2012 – Quick details on the new Digium IP phones


Miami, FL – A brief stop at the Digium (www.digium.com) booth at IT EXPO East revealed the following tidbits on the new family of IP phones–

1) The phone was designed and contracted solely by Digium — it is *not* a OEM/white label product.

2) Manufacture of the phone is done in China by […]

Editorial from IT EXPO East- Aren’t IP phones done yet?


Miami, FL – There are at least three vendors touting new IP phones or software/firmware upgrades to their phones here at IT Expo. I thought we were done with handsets already?

Digium is getting a lot spin along with a good measure of WTF by rolling out its own IP phones; three to be […]

Digium rolls out Asterisk IP phone with G.722 support


IT EXPO East 2012, Miami – Digium (www.digium.com) has rolled out the “World’s First Phones Designed for Asterisk.” There’s a trio of new IP handsets. All of them support G.722 out of the box.

In the company’s press release, Digium says the new family of phones are the first engineered to “fully leverage the […]

ILT Optics gets an Switchvox/Cisco HD voice solution from TelOnline


An ophthalmic producer and supplier focusing on the Latin America market is buying a Switchvox solution with Cisco HD voice capable phones.  Integrated Lens Technology (ILT) has contracted with TelOnline to put in business phone/unified communications solutions into Miami, Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador and 14 countries in Latin America, according to the press […]

Digium adds “wideband” media engine, extended codec support into Asterisk 10 release


At AstriCon in Denver this week,  Digium (www.digium.com) announced it had added a “wide-band media engine” into the latest release of Asterisk.  The new support is hailed as the biggest upgrade to the software, including support for “an unlimited number” of codecs and support for SILK, 32kHz Speex, and pass-through support for CELT.  Plus […]

Digium Asterisk SCF promises better support for multi-channel audio, so don’t get wrapped up on the “wideband” and “ultrawideband”


Digium’s shiny new Asterisk SCF – Scalable Communications Framework – is promising more-better support for “multichannel-wideband and ultra-wideband audio.”   But if you drop the “wideband” and “ultrawideband” words out of the press release, it’s the multi-channel that really matters.

Stock Asterisk 1.8 already supports G.722 and various other wideband codecs, but vanilla Asterisk doesn’t […]

Digium signs off on Panasonic cordless HD voice phone system


Digium (www.digium.com) has certified that Panasonic’s line of SIP Cordless Phone Systems (SCPS?), the KX-TGP500 and KX-TGP550 work with the Asterisk telephony platform.

The Panasonic TBP500 series of SIP cordless phones support G.722 and use the DECT 6.0 wireless standard as the cordless technology.  The KX-TGP500 system includes a wall-mountable base unit […]

IT EXPO East 2010 – CounterPath and Digium bundle up HD voice softphone


Beating the later-week rush of IP communications news from Miami,  CounterPath and Digium announced an “Asterisk-Based” multimedia softphone; basically a co-branded VoIP softphone for Asterisk.

Bria for Asterisk combines Digium’s Asterisk IP telephony platform, AsteriskNOW and Asterisk Business Edition telephony platform’s with CounterPath’s Bria Professional enterprise multimedia softphone.   (Think of Bria as the hot […]

Next week: Huntsville, AL, home of ADTRAN (and Digium)


Next week this reporter will be a guest of ADTRAN as the company conducts its second annual media event in Huntsville, Alabama.   The telecommunications equipment manufacturer is planning to make at least one announcement relating to unified communications (UC) during the event, but is likely to be more low-key when it comes to its […]