Editorial: IT EXPO West 2012 session proposal – HD Voice and the Enterprise


The following session proposal has been sent into TMC (www.tmcnet.com) for IT EXPO West 2012 in Miami on October 2-5, 2012.

If you are interested in supporting such a session, I’ll be so bold as to suggest you email the folks at TMC about it.

HD Voice and the Enterprise

The promise of […]

Siemens Enterprise Communications touts HD voice in new study


Siemens Enterprise Communication has released study data showing that people can tell the difference between “standard” quality and HD voice (Well, Siemens Enterprise Communications’ AudioPresence HD – which is G.722 HD voice by any other name) and prefer HD over standard IP telephony quality.  The study joins others by Ericsson, Polycom and several more […]

XO intros HD voice and video service; working with Neutral Tandem for “off-net” calls


At Enterprise Connect in Orlando, XO Communications launched its new Enterprise Cloud Communications service featuring HD voice and video.  It also revealed it is working with Neutral Tandem for exchanging SIP calls with other carriers in the future.

XO Enterprise Cloud Communications puts together local and long distance calling, enterprise-wide HD voice and video, […]

IT EXPO: Grandstream adds two new HD voice phones


Los Angeles – At IT EXPO West 2010, Grandstream (www.grandstream.com) added two new phones to its GXP lineup of desktop enterprise SIP offerings.

The GXP2120 is a 6 line enterprise phone, supports 6 SIP accounts, 13 line appearances, and 5-way conferencing. It supports G.722, and has a 320×160 backlight LCD, 4 XML programmable […]