Editorial – Straw poll: Events for the next three months


What U.S. events should HD Voice News attend over the next three months?

Enterprise Connect (Late March, Orlando) CTIA  Wireless (May, New Orleans) The Cable Show  (May, Boston) Others

At this point, all three have some merits. 

Enterprise Connect can shed more light on the rapid shift from stand-alone PBXes to hosted services.  […]

XO intros HD voice and video service; working with Neutral Tandem for “off-net” calls


At Enterprise Connect in Orlando, XO Communications launched its new Enterprise Cloud Communications service featuring HD voice and video.  It also revealed it is working with Neutral Tandem for exchanging SIP calls with other carriers in the future.

XO Enterprise Cloud Communications puts together local and long distance calling, enterprise-wide HD voice and video, […]

HD Voice news out of VoiceCon Orlando 2010 (The Last Dance)


If you didn’t catch the news, VoiceCon is now being transmorgified into Enterprise Connect.  More details can be found here at www.dougonipcomm.com.  FYI, TechWeb won’t be holding a fall Enterprise Connect event in San Francisco.

The biggest single theme for the HD voice community is the dual push by Acme Packet (www.acmepacket.com) and Cisco […]