CableLabs announces PeerConnect Registry–2 years after going into operation


Two years after starting operations, CableLabs has officially announced the PeerConnect registry, a service to facility end-to-end IP communications.  The service provides a telephony number translation service for IP, enabling cable companies to distribute numbers and other IP session routing information to enable direct IP voice, video, SMS, and other SIP-based communications forms. Comcast, […]

Neutral Tandem launches HD Voice interconnect; 8×8 signs up


Neutral Tandem, a leading provider of global interconnection services, has announced the launch of HD Voice Interconnect, a wideband voice interconnection solution for the competitive carrier market.  No ENUM registry required. First announced customer is the largest G.722 shop in North America – 8×8.   Yes, this is a big deal.

The service is aimed […]