Verizon, Tata SIP peer/federate


Verizon and Tata have agreed to SIP peer/federate to enable access to the other’s telepresence suites, making the two carriers the first to officially do so.  How the agreement works at the network level is unclear; specifically, does it just apply to telepresence apps or to all SIP traffic.

From a customer perspective, this […]

Editorial – The return of Enterprise federation (again)


COMPTEL PLUS, Nashville, TN – The demand for seamless enterprise connectivity via SIP for applications such as HD voice and videoconferencing is driving Cisco and other enterprise vendors to solicit third-party solutions for business SIP interoperability.  “Federation” is back again and it might have a better chance of sticking this time around.

Enterprise federation […]

XConnect makes the case for Interconnect 2.0


Is an upgraded interconnection infrastructure necessary for HD communications? Eli Katz, president of XConnect, thinks so.

XConnect is preaching the virtues of Interconnect 2.0, moving up the food change from simple SIP peering to a more sophisticated way for service providers to exchange IP traffic supporting end-to-end HD voice, video, and presence.

“On the […]