Orange launches international HD voice exchange for fixed & mobile carriers


Orange has launched an international HD voice call exchange, making it available to third-party operators and service providers.

The service is operated by Orange’s wholesale group and provides a single IP connection point and full IP routing for end-to-end HD voice service quality.  For businesses, Orange is offering HD voice on IPX via […]

France Telecom’s Libon gets cute about its HD voice support–AAC?


Libon, France Telecom’s shiny new free app for the iPhone and coming soon to Android, is getting a lot of Twitter buzz for supporting HD voice.  However, the PR firm and the Libon Twitter account aren’t saying what codec is being used, other than hinting it is something beyond the “standard” HD voice experience.  […]

Orange announces 4 million HD voice customers, interop between Moldova and Romania


Orange (France Telecom) has mobile HD voice calls moving seamlessly between Moldova and Romania, the first official announcement of interop between two mobile networks.   This announcement hits an HD voice interoperability goal the carrier announced back in 2011.  Further in the release, the company notes it how has “almost” 4 million HD voice customers […]

France Telecom’s latest HD voice numbers + more coming


A quick inquiry to a France Telecom Twitter account has shaken loose the latest HD voice numbers as of August 2012.   The company last released numbers in February 2012 at Mobile World Congress. 

Across France Telecom’s Orange companies, there are 3.5 million mobile customers across 15 countries and “several million” calls in full […]

Orange rolls out Intel HD voice mobile phone on June 6


Orange is rolling out the San Diego, an Android smartphone built around an Intel Atom processor and HD voice, on June 6.   The San Diego is the first Intel “powered” smartphone to launch in Europe.

The handset uses the Z2640 Intel Atom processor in combination with the Intel XMM 6260 HSPA Platform.  It […]

Orange announces Intel-based Santa Clara HD voice phone


Bucking the ARM trend, France Telecom/Orange has announced it will roll out an Intel Atom-based phone to customers in the UK and France.

The currently code-named “Santa Clara” will run Android and is based on Intel’s smartphone reference design.  It includes an Intel Atom Z2460 processor, plus an Intel XMM 6260 platform for […]

France Telecom-Orange acquiring 100% of Congo Chine Telecom (CCT)


In a two way deal, France Telecom-Orange (FTO) is buying 100 percent of Congo Chine Telecom (CCT), a mobile operator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

FTO is paying $10 million for ZTE’s 51 percent share of CCT’s equity and $7 million to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the government […]

Apple iPhone 4S– HD voice or not? More likely "Yes”


While there was no official discussion or mention of HD voice/wideband voice at the Apple iPhone 4S rollout earlier this week, it is possible/likely (Apologies for the hedging) that the device will support AMR-WB for voice calls in/on select vendors and markets.

T-Mobile and Orange have already announced the UK pricing for the […]

Orange Uganda turns up mobile HD voice


On July 7, Orange Uganda officially joined the mobile HD voice club, the first nation in Sub-Saharan Africa to do so. 

The release from Orange had few other details, other than saying this was the second operator in Africa to turn up service. 

All total, this is the 12th territory Orange has […]

France Telecom releases onslaught of HD voice news–1 million mobile HD voice users


France Telecom has launched a major offensive for HD voice today, declaring it wants to “open up” the use of HD Voice communications by 2013.  The company says it now has  one million (1M) mobile HD voice users, and has further launches planned this year, particularly in the AMEA (Africa, Middle East, and Asia) […]