Apple announces FaceTime Audio


At its WWDC 2013 conference in June, Apple announced it is releasing FaceTime Audio later this year.  The audio-only version of FaceTime will likely be a “full” HD voice client given its use of the Fraunhofer AAC codec family.

Versions of FaceTime Audio will be available for Apple iOS 7 and OS X “Mavericks” […]

France Telecom’s Libon gets cute about its HD voice support–AAC?


Libon, France Telecom’s shiny new free app for the iPhone and coming soon to Android, is getting a lot of Twitter buzz for supporting HD voice.  However, the PR firm and the Libon Twitter account aren’t saying what codec is being used, other than hinting it is something beyond the “standard” HD voice experience.  […]

Fraunhofer promotes “Full HD voice” AAC for Smart TV solutions


At IFA in Berlin, Fraunhofer presented its Enhanced Low Delay AAC codec (AAC-ELD) as the “next generation” video telephony solution for SmartTVs.

Demonstrations were put on at a Fraunhofer booth to demonstrate improvements in audio quality using AAC-ELD for SmartTV communications apps. Billed as “Full-HD Voice",” AAC-ELD supports audio bandwidth of more than 14 […]

“Millions” of Fraunhofer Full-HD voice users–with a big Apple catch


When Fraunhofer rolled out its “Full-HD Voice” codec at Mobile World Congress last month, a company official boasted there were “millions” of Full-HD voice calls already talking place. Well, there are, but they all sit on the island of Apple.

More specifically, Fraunhofer’s press release said-

“Every day, millions of users already make Full-HD […]

Fraunhofer adds new low bit rate codec to AAC family


In addition to demonstrating “Full HD Voice” at Mobile World Congress, Fraunhofer IIS will premiere Extended HE-AAC, the latest upgrade to the MPEG AAC family.

According to Fraunhofer, Extended HE-AAC significantly improves the audio quality of music and speech, particularly at very low bit rates of 8 kbit/s and more. It is compatible […]

Fraunhofer demonstrates “Full-HD Voice” over LTE + Android at Mobile World Congress


Continuing to fight its uphill battle against AMR-WB, G.722, and other HD voice codecs, Fraunhofer IIS showcasing AAC-ELD, the “Full-HD Voice” codec.

Fraunhofer is conducing a live demonstration of the Full-HD Voice experience using Android mobile phones incorporating the AAC-ELD codec, connected over an LTE network provided Fraunhofer HHI.

AAC-ELD operates at bit-rates comparable […]

Fraunhofer IIS expands audio labs, adds three professors


The makers of MP3 and AAC are expanding. Fraunhofer IIS has expanded its International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (AudioLabs), adding three professors and looking for “top scientists from around the world.”

All total, there are “more than 20 internationally renowned” scientists at AudioLabs conducting research and development in audio coding, audio signals analysis and […]

Fraunhofer to demo mobile "stereo CD" quality 4G calls at Mobile World Congress


Fraunhofer IIS, the folks that gave us MP3, is bragging about it plans to demonstrate “mobile phone calls in stereo CD quality” over a 4G cellular network at Mobile World Congress next week.  Mobile World Congress will have HD voice falling out of the skies, if the rumors and releases are any indication.

Today’s […]