Fraunhofer promotes “Full HD voice” AAC for Smart TV solutions


At IFA in Berlin, Fraunhofer presented its Enhanced Low Delay AAC codec (AAC-ELD) as the “next generation” video telephony solution for SmartTVs.

Demonstrations were put on at a Fraunhofer booth to demonstrate improvements in audio quality using AAC-ELD for SmartTV communications apps. Billed as “Full-HD Voice",” AAC-ELD supports audio bandwidth of more than 14 […]

“Millions” of Fraunhofer Full-HD voice users–with a big Apple catch


When Fraunhofer rolled out its “Full-HD Voice” codec at Mobile World Congress last month, a company official boasted there were “millions” of Full-HD voice calls already talking place. Well, there are, but they all sit on the island of Apple.

More specifically, Fraunhofer’s press release said-

“Every day, millions of users already make Full-HD […]

Fraunhofer demonstrates “Full-HD Voice” over LTE + Android at Mobile World Congress


Continuing to fight its uphill battle against AMR-WB, G.722, and other HD voice codecs, Fraunhofer IIS showcasing AAC-ELD, the “Full-HD Voice” codec.

Fraunhofer is conducing a live demonstration of the Full-HD Voice experience using Android mobile phones incorporating the AAC-ELD codec, connected over an LTE network provided Fraunhofer HHI.

AAC-ELD operates at bit-rates comparable […]