IT EXPO: Aculab doing QA on SILK transcoding – but not “superwideband”; interest in AMR-WB-Siren14


Los Angeles – Aculab ( said it is currently putting Skype SILK transcoding through its quality assurance process with a targeted Q4 2010 release date (i.e. by the end of the year).

SILK transcoding will be supported through Prosody S software, but only at sampling rates of 8 kHz (narrowband) and 16 kHz (wideband); […]

Polycom's other HD voice release at VoiceCon


This week at VoiceCon, Polycom also underlined the use of its Siren 14/G.7221C voice codec by Vivox.

Vivox, the market leader in providing voice services for developers of online games, virtual words and “the social web,” said it delivers voice chat to over 16 million users and support billions of minutes of chat per […]