Deutsche Telekom starts HD voice transcoding in Germany


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Deutsche Telekom (DT) has officially confirmed it is transcoding HD voice between its 3G mobile network and its IP-based fixed line network in Germany.  The company said it has been transcoding since October 9, 2014.

Transcoding between AMR-WB, the mobile world’s HD voice standard, and G.722 […]

Zenitel U.S. announces HD voice intercom module


Zenitel ( has introduced the TKIS-2 Intercom Module Kit, a SIP intercom device that supports HD voice.

From an HD voice standpoint, the device supports G.722 and is designed for indoor and outdoor applications, with suggested uses including a parking communications solution for vehicle entry, exit gates, pay-on-foot machines and emergency help points in […]

Vonage brags about HD voice in Vonage Mobile soft client


Vonage ( says it supports free HD voice phone calls between its Vonage Mobile soft clients on Apple iThings (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and Android devices. Is it G.722 or something else?

The announcement was made (but there’s no press release up on the company’s web site) on Wednesday, February 8. The free app delivers free HD […]

Editorial–The HD voice “stamp”/logo on IP desktop phones: Just do it.


One of the most interesting/subtle marketing moves Digium did on its phones is to put the phrase “HD voice” on the handset.  There aren’t a lot of people who do that right now.

As I’m flipping through pictures and leftovers from IT EXPO East 2012, I see Denwa has its phone handset stamped […]

Digium rolls out Asterisk IP phone with G.722 support


IT EXPO East 2012, Miami – Digium ( has rolled out the “World’s First Phones Designed for Asterisk.” There’s a trio of new IP handsets. All of them support G.722 out of the box.

In the company’s press release, Digium says the new family of phones are the first engineered to “fully leverage the […]

New Acrobits VoIP SIP iPhone application boasts G.722 support.


From the Czech Republic, Acrobits has released the latest versions of its iPhone client.  Both versions support G.722 in addition to a “SmoothFlow” video technology for video calling.  An Android client is expected to launch in the the second quarter of this year.

Consumers will get SIP Phone while business users can buy Groundwire.  […]

iPhone HD voice round-up: Invoxia, TeamViewer


Invoxia ( has announced the NVX 610, a VoIP phone with an iThings (iPhone/iPhone/iPad) dedicated app to enable dialing from the iThing, plus facilitate “mobile convergence.”  You can receive calls to an iThing mobile as well as VoIP based calls.

The big draw/brag with the NVX 610 is a total of eight 8 mics […]

Microsoft Lync does standards-based HD voice in Polycom interop


Polycom’s new Microsoft’s Lync solutions don’t speak Microsoft RTA.  Instead, the SIP standard devices and phones will all talk through Lync using G.722 and G.722.1 (Siren) for HD voice support.

Polycom announced “the broadest ranges of UC solutions” interoperable with Microsoft’s UC platform last week, citing over 40 systems, including a “custom-built” video […]

Technicolor releases new SME HD voice phone with AMR-WB and G.722 codecs


At IP Convergence in Paris, Technnicolor ( announced a new entry-level SIP phone. Now if they’d only use the term “HD voice” instead of “HD sound.” However, the phone supports not one, but two common HD voice codec.

The announcement came as a part of a larger one showcasing Technicolor’s MediaAccess communications products.


Lantiq adds HD voice support to 2.4 GHz cordless phones silicon


Lantiq ( has added CAT-iq-like support to its latest 2.4 GHz chipset, including wideband voice.

The new COSIC™ WDCT chipset is targeted for inclusion into cordless handsets to be sold in Asia-Pacific countries and emerging markets that use 2.4 GHz.

Support for G.722 is included for both encoding and transmission, along with “advanced” acoustic […]