Does/Will Deutsche Telekom support HD voice on broadband?


Two vendors supplying hardware to Deutsche Telekom (DT)have touted their support for HD voice over CAT-iq, but it isn’t clear if DT is formally supporting HD voice via broadband.

Today’s announcement from DSP Group and a May announcement by Lantiq touting CAT-iq 2.0  means the company is deploying HD voice-capable equipment, but there […]

Grandstream offers under $50 HD voice phone


Grandstream Networks ( is offering two new HD voice handsets, with one listing at $49; the other at $55.

The GXP1100 and 1105 are targeted at SMB and the hospitality industry as affordable entry-level HD voice SIP phones; it should be noted Grandstream dips into ambiguity by using the phrase “HD audio” as well […]

XConnect announces AudioCodes G.722/AMR-WB transcoding for its customers


XConnect ( is touting an AudioCodes HD voice transcoding solution between wireline and wireless networks for its HD Alliance customers.  The Alliance is an IP-based federation with 11 service providers.

The new capability uses XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and IP interconnection services along with AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 transcoding solution.  XConnect says the solution has been […]

Siemens Enterprise Communications offers entry-level HD voice phone


Last month, Siemens Enterprise Communications announced the OpenStage 5 SIP phone. 

The SIP-only phone, along with the other members of the OpenStage family supporting SIP, includes G.722 and “AudioPresence™ HD.”  The AudioPresence™ HD package includes best-in-class speaker, microphone, and acoustic components, advanced noise rejection and echo cancellation.

OpenStage5 is an entry-level phone with […]

Neutral Tandem talks about HD voice interconnect service


Founded in 2003, Neutral Tandem ( routes over 10 billion minutes of traffic per month and as a neutral exchange platform, it moves traffic for over 110 major wireless, CLEC, cable service providers on an all-IP scalable network. The company was kind enough to provide a briefing last week under embargo to HD Voice […]

Gigaset shows off analog HD voice firmware support with 610A


Dallas, Texas – Gigaset ( is showing off U.S. support for 7 kHz analog HD voice on its existing hardware. The capability can be added to existing Gigaset HD voice phones via a simple firmware download, but the emphasis will likely be on newer model handsets.

A demonstration at a distributor event in Dallas […]

Panasonic rolls out corded HD voice SIP phones


Panasonic ( has rolled out a new line of corded SIP phones, adding to its line-up of cordless SIP models in the U.S.   Like the cordless phones, the new UT series are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses.

The new UT series family have been certified on BroadSoft’s Broadworks and Digium’s Asterisk.  Features for […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–SMC details analog/G.722 HD voice solution for cable boxes


Arris won’t be the only cable box manufacturer offering HD voice via a software upgrade to existing hardware.  SMC Networks offered more details on how the solution is built around the Intel Puma 5 family of chips.

SMC VP of Engineering Pete Quigley said Intel had recently sent out a software update for the […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–Arris says 15 million HD voice capable endpoints deployed


Chicago, IL – Arris has over 15 million HD voice-capable cable endpoints deployed, according to a senior executive for the company.  The catch is that the interface is analog-based.

Arris Senior Vice President Derek Elder said the company had embedded hardware in its line of EMTAs and other devices some time ago to support […]

ADA update proposes to make G.722 a federal standard


Thanks to Dan Berninger and Panasonic’s Paul G. Schomburg for the pointer

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is currently going through the process of updating its standards.  Buried within an ANPRM (Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) published in the Federal Register on March 22, 2010 is a clause to make G.722 – HD […]