E-Plus launches HD voice in Germany


On March 12, E-Plus announced it is delivering HD voice on its network.

The announcement via the company’s plug, held little information beyond the usual “Both parties must be on network, both parties must have HD voice capable devices to get HD voice” instructions along with a throwaway line that the Apple iPhone […]

Vodafone Germany starts HD voice rollout


Vodafone Germany has started rolling out HD voice on its UTMS network, according to a report by Areamobile. 

The carrier says is in the process of upgrading its base stations and should have the all of its work completed by the end of the summer. Vodafone had previously run trials in two northern […]

Telefonica boasts SRVCC from LTE to 3G in the lab


Telefonica has become the first network operator to demonstrate the ability to transfer voice calls seamlessly and without interruption from an LTE network to a 3G network.  However, the handover was conducted in a test lab environment simulation – not in the real world.

The handover was conducted in Germany at the labs of […]

XConnect sets up IP federation hub in Germany with DE-CIX


XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has set up a partnership with Germany’s DE-CIX to establish the first NGN/VoIP federation in the country.  Service providers will now be able to use the federation to directly exchange IP voice and multimedia traffic.

As a part of the partnership, a “secure and scalable” federation hub and central carrier ENUM-based routing […]

Deutsche Telekom turns up mobile HD voice in Germany


Deutsche Telekom, the incumbent phone company of Germany, has officially announced the turn up of HD voice service on its 3G mobile network.  All the usual “standards” seem to apply.

HD voice service is available across the country’s network “nationwide,” according to the DT press release.   It is “automatic” and free with an HD […]

Does/Will Deutsche Telekom support HD voice on broadband?


Two vendors supplying hardware to Deutsche Telekom (DT)have touted their support for HD voice over CAT-iq, but it isn’t clear if DT is formally supporting HD voice via broadband.

Today’s announcement from DSP Group and a May announcement by Lantiq touting CAT-iq 2.0  means the company is deploying HD voice-capable equipment, but there […]

Deutsche Telekom getting ready to pull the trigger on HD voice in German


There’s an unsourced short bit today on Wireless Federation saying Deutsche Telekom (DT) “could start” using AMR-WB this year.

According to the piece, a spokesperson for DT says “large parts” of its mobile network will be AMR-WB enabled after an upgrade in the coming months.  A concrete date for a commercial launch of […]