Goober Networks brags about HD voice support in SDK, but…


Goober Networks ( has announce VIVO Engine, a VoIP and video software development kit (SDK) to add real time communications to applications, including SIP support.   However, there’s no support for G.722.

Instead, the specs for VIVO indicate the company’s engine uses the GIPS ISAC and IPCM-WB codes, along with video support for H.263 and […]

Google highlights Global IP Solutions technology in Gmail offering – but why?


Installation of Google voice and videomail chat reveals the line “Google voice and video chat incorporates technologies from Global IP Solutions and Vidyo, Inc. which are covered under pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.”

So, what does this mean, exactly?

Google could have simply said “You’re ready to go” and left it at […]

Google buys GIPS for $68 million


Megagiant Google ( has agreed to buy Global IP Solutions ( for a sum of $68.2 million. As Keanu Reeves said in one of his movies, “Woah!”

The party line out of GIPS – articulated in an open letter that was emailed to customers — is that Google has been a valued customer for […]

GIPS calls HD voice & video chat on iPad


Global IP Solutions ( has announced that it has made HD and super-wideband voice, plus one-way video chat on the Apple iPad.

The capabilities comes from GIPS VideoEngine Mobile and provides iPad developers a high-level API to provide videoconferencing/video chat capabilities. Interesting, there’s a line about “As video access becomes available from Apple” – […]

Large HD voice codec deployments in soft clients


Estimating numbers for the proliferation of HD voice codes (that aren’t G.722/AMR-WB) via soft clients gets to be a very slippery slope in short order.

Global IP Solutions ( was very frank with HD Voice News in the challenges of providing an accurate estimate of softclient numbers.

“You [are] absolutely right that GIPS technology […]

GIPS adds HD voice, video chat to Android


Global IP Solutions ( has rolled out its VideoEngine for Android. The new stack adds both HD voice and two-way video chat/conferencing capabilities to the Google mobile OS.

The announcement is the latest in a series for GIPS, as it rolls out VideoEngine Mobile for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile OS platforms.  VideoEngine includes […]

Goober VoIP joins the iPhone HD / “it’s cheap phone calls” crowd


It is deja vu all over again,  with Goober Networks ( offering a mobile VoIP solution that delivers “crystal-clear” HD voice capabilities over WiFi or 3G – not to mention low-cost VoIP pricing, unified communications, yadda-yadda.

The goober soft clients are using the Global IP Solutions ( software stack, just like every other major […]

HD voice Line2 app gets blessed for iPod Touch, iPad


Apple has approved Toktumi’s ( Line2 VoIP app version 2.1 for use on the iPod Touch and iPad.  The updated app can be grabbed via the App Store.

Line2, written up favorably yesterday in the New York Times, does the usual WiFi VoIP bypass trick, with calls other Line2 users and outbound calls to […]

GIPS lands HD voice in Turkey


Global IP Solutions ( has secured Argela Technologies, a subsidary of Turk Telekom, as a customer for VoiceEngine Mobile to insure “excellent” call quality on TT’s WiRO mobile soft client.

TT WiRO works like most other soft clients these days, allowing customers to avoid international roaming charges by using WiFi and a broadband connection.  […]

iPhone Line2 client uses iSAC HD voice codec calls


Last week, Toktumi ( announced its Line2 iPhone app version 2.0 had received Apple’s blessing. The VoIP app supports placing calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, or cellular voice services. It also uses the Global IP Solutions ( iSAC codec for HD voice calls.

Line2 enables international calls to be placed over WiFi starting at around […]