Global mobile Suppliers Association marks 100 operators offering HD voice


The Global mobile Suppliers Association ( released its latest report on HD voice service deployments  One hundred (100) operators worldwide have turned up HD voice in 71 countries.

The majority of turn-ups have been on HSPA networks, with 8 GSM and 3 VoLTE networks also in the mix.

Additions include Orange Mali, […]

GSA: HD voice now in 45 countries, 61 networks


The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, has issued an updated report on HD voice with a lot of trend information.  It has confirmed that 61 mobile networks in 45 countries are now delivering HD voice, up from 55 percent from a year ago.

Countries listed in the GSA HD voice repot include: Armenia, […]

Global mobile Supplier Association issues latest HD voice statistics


Earlier this week,the Global mobile Supplier Association ( released its latest and greatest stats on HD voice penetration in the GSM world. There are 60 compatible AMR-WB devices available on the market, 31 countries with commercial mobile HD voice service, and 36 commercial mobile HD voice networks turned up.

Dated November 22, 2011, the […]

GSA update: Mobile HD voice now launched on 32 networks


The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has issued a new report on HD voice declaring “almost half” of EU member countries have commercially launched mobile HD voice services or are engaged in trials ahead of planned commercial introduction.   In addition, the report notes that “operator investment” (i.e., trials and deployments) extend far beyond Europe, […]

More mobile phones shipping HD voice enabled: Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)


In a report released on March 9, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) ( declared more handset manufacturers are shipping mobile phones with HD voice activated as default.

Phones listed in the report with AMR-WB (Or W-AMR, as the new marketing-speak term appears) turned on from the factory include Nokia C3, C6, C7, E7, […]