GSA: HD voice on 45 mobile networks in 35 countries


In a report released on September 3, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) “confirms a rapid expansion” of mobile HD voice services worldwide using AMR-WB, with deployments on “numerous” GSM, WCDMA-UMTS  and LTE networks.

The latest “Mobile HD Voice: Global Update” report confirms HD voice services have been commercially launched in almost 60 […]

Nokia Siemens Networks claims MegaFon HD voice deployment; is it 2G *and* 3G?


Nokia Siemens Networks ( (NSN) is claiming that it has launched the “world’s first commercial HD voice GSM network” with its MegaFon deployment.  Needless to say, HD Voice News has requested clarification on the statement, but it appears that service is being delivered on both 2G and 3G networks.

The MegaFon HD voice […]

MWC: GMSA awards France Telecom mobile HD voice “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough”


The GSMA (GSM Association) recognized France Telecom – nice someone did, since nearly all the media covering MWC media were frothing over Yet Another App/App Store  — for its implementation of mobile HD voice.

France Telecom received the “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” in the course of the 15th Annual Global Mobile Awards during the […]