Editorial–HD voice vs. HD audio and the lack of specification


Coming out of Mobile World Congress 2012, it is clear many mobile handset manufacturers haven’t “gotten it” when it comes to HD voice.  In addition, too many vendors – wireless and wireline – can’t be bothered to put together a simple data sheet listening codecs.

ZTE stood out among the many companies releasing […]

Editorial–Reason #36 why I hate the term “HD audio”


Two recent announcements  illustrate why HD audio is a really vague, non-descriptive (i.e. Poor, sucky) term as it applies to HD voice and HD telephony.

VTech Communications recently released a new analog/RJ-11 phone or two that uses “HD Audio Profiles” to clean up sound. But it’s not HD voice or CAT-iq.

When I asked […]

ShoreTel announces HD “audio conferencing”–but how many HD voice codecs do they support?


Las Vegas – ShoreTel (www.shoretel.com) has announced that the latest release of its phone, er UC software now supports HD audio conferencing.  The bigger question is how many HD voice codecs the software/hardware IP PBX system actually supports.

A conversation on the Interop show floor with a sales engineer lead to a setup screen […]

Aastra and TurboBridge announce HD voice team-up


Aastra (www.aastrausa.com) and TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) have announced a bundling/trial deal for Aastra SIP phones. Look for smiles from both parties.

The two are offering a 60 day free trial of the TurboBridge “HD audio” conferencing service to Aastra SIP phone customers, carriers, and resellers. Aastra supports G.722 via its Hi-Q audio technology and G.722 […]