Plug pulled on May HD Communications event


A May 12 HD Communications Summit event in Mountain View at the Computer Museum is not taking place.

Dan Berninger said “We let the May 14th date go at the Computer History Museum. No new date at this point” and cited efforts to line up sponsors as the cause of the cancellation.

The event […]

There will be a top 5 HD Voice deployments list. 10?


So far, the Top 5 HD Voice deployment numbers look like this:

500,000      A major European carrier 50,000   A large hosted business VoIP provider in North America 11,000    Down Under in the Legacy Carrier “almost” 5,000   Major carrier HQ 4,200    Major university

There’s another university that has around 4000-5000 endpoints, and some other universities […]

An exception to the rule – When HD Voice Goes Bad


For all of HD voice’s goodness, it isn’t the right solution in a few environments.

EUS Networks, a telephony integration firm with offices in New York, Chicago, and Dallas, has encountered a few cases where an HD voice installation has had to be “ripped out” in a virtual sense due to environmental and acoustic […]

HD Comm '09 / HD Communications Summit, Sept 15 2009 - Compiled materials


This is the best and most complete compilation so far of the various materials — articles, Twitter summaries, and presentations — from the September 15, 2009  HD Communications Summit in New York City; the presentations in particular should be MUCH easier to find.

Should you have a presentation not included on here, please send […]

HD Voice Snapshot – Business hosted VoIP providers


Lots of islands, with continents to come

5 providers queried/interviewed:  8×8/Packet 8, Alteva, Cablevision/Optimum Lightpath, Whaleback Systems, Verizon Business

Many hosted business VoIP providers currently offer HD voice as an “upsell”/advanced feature to businesses and charge extra for it, but this is likely to change because HD-capable handsets are becoming more affordable and prolific, […]

Coverage of HD Comm '09 live at @HDConnectNow


Tune into Twitter account @HDConnectNow to catch the live view from HD Comm ’09 in New York City.

Taking Stock of HD – A Partial Summary


In the run up to HD Comm ’09 next week on September 15 in New York City, we present a select sampling of markets in review, along with other articles that provide additonal information where appropriate.

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot

July snapshot – HD Communication in […]

Taking press release under embargo for HD Comm '09


If your company plans to release news next week at HD Comm ’09, please feel free to send a press release under embargo to or (they go to the same place) prior to Tuesday, September 15.

We know of a couple of firms that are planning to announce news at the event […]

IT EXPO – Aastra goes G.722, 8×8 upgrade in October


At IT EXPO this week, Aastra announced it’s Hi-Q audio technology (i.e. a software/firmware upgrade) for its 67xxi series desktop phones.  Hi-Q supports the G.722 wideband codec and the firmware will be available as a free software download from Aastra.

While it is good that Aasstra has joined the G.772/HD Communications bandwagon, close followers […]

Are the "Original Gangsters" of NGN missing the HD boat?


Without naming names, a number of all-IP service providers who have heartily embraced the Next Generation Network model seem to be blaise-faire on HD Communications and HD voice.  Are they doing so at their own risk?

A casual attitude to providing high-quality voice is all the more shocking given North America cable interest/intent to […]