HD lessons learned from the Digital TV transition


Are there lessons to be learned for the HD communications community in the recent conversion from analog to digital TV? Robert Graves, Chairman of the ATSC Forum and a 22 year veteran of the journey from SDTV to HDTV.  had a front row seat on the journey from”standard” definition TV to HD and will […]

HD and the 50 year legacy of President Kennedy's Moscow hotline

Tweet by Jeff Pulver and Daniel Berninger

President Obama’s embrace of technology innovation should include an upgrade of the Moscow hotline.  Implementation of HD voice represents the best way to honor the legacy of President Kennedy’s hotline as it approaches 50 years of service. The type of emergencies justifying use of the hotline do not arise […]

Orange embraces CAT-iq for HD


Word out of the CableLabs conference is Franch Telecom has embraced the CableLabs CAT-iq handset standard for its HD Voice service going forward, making it the first non-cable company to get on board.

Previously, FT/Orange had been sourcing hardware from three vendors – Sagem, Thomson, and Siemens, with a DECT base station plugging into […]

HD Communications and IPv6 – The perfect couple?


The current pool of IPv4 internet addresses is going to run out in the next 24 months, providing some dramatic implications for anyone rolling out new services over the next year.

John Curran, long-time Internet “gray beard” and current President and CEO of ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) thinks that device manufacturers of […]

July snapshot – HD conferencing services


SMB : Working, but who’s using? Enterprise: Cued from the top

3 providers queried:  Citrix Online/Highdefconferencing.com, Global Crossing, ZipDX 2 providers responded:  Global Crossing, ZipDX

A number of conferencing providers are offering HD voice support, primarily through SIP dialing and G.722.  However, it is not clear at this point in time that offering HD […]

July snapshot – HD Communication in North America – Consumer ITSPs


Upstart embraces HD

2 providers queried/spoken to:  ooma, Vonage 1 provider to offer HD voice service 3Q09:  ooma 1 provider not currently planning to offer: Vonage

For Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSPs), the consumer mass market is not a place for the faint of heart. Margins are slim, millions of customers are […]

Thought pieces on HD Communications


Admittedly a bit weighted to the existing HD Connect leadership at this point in time (Looking for other, vendor-neutral pieces, hint-hint), this list presents various thought pieces discussing HD Communications, including HD voice and its applications.

Dan Berninger

The Promise of High Definition Voice Beyond Skype (pulver.com)

The HD Connect […]

Summary coverage of the first HD Communications Summit


ABP Blog

HD Communications the Turning Point for VoIP

Brough Turner

Flickr – HD Communications Summit Communications: My coverage of HD Communcations Summit mostly on Twitter.

Doug on IP Comm

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit Presentations at the HD Communications Summit – pictures […]

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot


Sitting on the fence, preparing for the inevitable

4 providers queried/spoken about HD plans:  Comcast, Cox, Optimum Lightpath (Cablevision), Time Warner

1 provider currently offering HD voice service:  Optimum Lightpath (Cablevision)

3 providers who plan to offer HD voice service:  Comcast, Cox, Time Warner

While cable companies are […]