Wyde Voice announces HD SoftBridge at HD Communications Summit


At the HD Communications Summit, Wyde Voice announced HD SoftBridge, its HD audio and web conferencing bridge technology in software form.  The new tech eliminates the need for DSP cards so audio conference providers can use off-the-shelf hardware to setup conferencing bridges that scale from 2 to 10,000 concurrent user ports with multiple cards/blades.


July snapshot – HD conferencing services


SMB : Working, but who’s using? Enterprise: Cued from the top

3 providers queried:  Citrix Online/Highdefconferencing.com, Global Crossing, ZipDX 2 providers responded:  Global Crossing, ZipDX

A number of conferencing providers are offering HD voice support, primarily through SIP dialing and G.722.  However, it is not clear at this point in time that offering HD […]