Taking Stock of HD – A Partial Summary


In the run up to HD Comm ’09 next week on September 15 in New York City, we present a select sampling of markets in review, along with other articles that provide additonal information where appropriate.

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot

July snapshot – HD Communication in […]

Taking press release under embargo for HD Comm '09


If your company plans to release news next week at HD Comm ’09, please feel free to send a press release under embargo to moo@vegascommando.com or editor@hdconnectnow.org (they go to the same place) prior to Tuesday, September 15.

We know of a couple of firms that are planning to announce news at the event […]

HD Connect 2010 – What do we do?


Marketing, marketing communications, event planners, and in-house PR personages working with HD Communications issues in New York City on the eve of HD Comm ’09 (i.e. the afternoon/evening of Monday, September 14), are invited to join with HD Connect Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney for an interactive discussion on activities and opportunities in 2010.

Specific time […]

HD and the 50 year legacy of President Kennedy's Moscow hotline

Tweet by Jeff Pulver and Daniel Berninger

President Obama’s embrace of technology innovation should include an upgrade of the Moscow hotline.  Implementation of HD voice represents the best way to honor the legacy of President Kennedy’s hotline as it approaches 50 years of service. The type of emergencies justifying use of the hotline do not arise […]

HDConnect editor-in-chief guest on Aug 14 VoIP Users Conference call


HDConnect editor-in-chief Doug Mohney will be the featured guest on the August 14, VoIP Users Conference call.  The call will take place at noon ET.  Information on accessing the call can be found at the organizations’ website, http://www.voipusersconference.org/.

Doug expects to talk about HD Communication, HDConnect, a bit about the upcoming HD Comms ’09 […]

Jeff Pulver chats HD Communications


Jeff Pulver has put up a video talking about the promise and potential of HD Communications; the video can either be found at his website or at the HD Comm ’09 event site.

July snapshot – HD conferencing services


SMB : Working, but who’s using? Enterprise: Cued from the top

3 providers queried:  Citrix Online/Highdefconferencing.com, Global Crossing, ZipDX 2 providers responded:  Global Crossing, ZipDX

A number of conferencing providers are offering HD voice support, primarily through SIP dialing and G.722.  However, it is not clear at this point in time that offering HD […]

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot


Sitting on the fence, preparing for the inevitable

4 providers queried/spoken about HD plans:  Comcast, Cox, Optimum Lightpath (Cablevision), Time Warner

1 provider currently offering HD voice service:  Optimum Lightpath (Cablevision)

3 providers who plan to offer HD voice service:  Comcast, Cox, Time Warner

While cable companies are […]

HDConnect formally announced


HDConnect Founded to Pursue Interoperability of High Definition Communication Products and Services

WASHINGTON, DC – July 14, 2009 – Jeff Pulver, CEO pulver.com, announces the formation of HDConnect.  HDConnect provides a forum for work toward cross vendor interconnection of high definition (HD) communication products and services.  The group will also develop a common nomenclature […]