Photos – HD voice handsets at AstriCon 2009


Glendale AZ & Washington DC – A few examples of the many, many G.722/HD voice capable phones available off-the-shelf today. As noted previously, one had to look carefully to find a non-G.722 phone.

Cisco SPA 5xx IP phone line

Cisco’s SPA5xx line of SMB IP phones all have G.722 built-in.  You’ll note the […]

AstriCon 2009: It is all HD voice (handsets)


Glendale, AZ – Walking the exhibit floor, it was difficult to find a handset that didn’t have HD voice embedded in it.  Well-known names such as Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom, and snom, as well as newcomers Aksys Networks and Yealink all had G.722 handsets available for viewing.

Cisco’s line of SPA5xx IP phones — including […]

Orange officially launches first mobile HD voice service


Thanks to Claude Gravel of VoiceAge for the heads-up.

Orange Moldova has launched the first mobile HD voice service and it is being billed as Orange’s “second step” in its HD voice strategy, following its launch of HD VoIP service in 2006; over half a million HD voice handsets have already been sold in […]

Taking Stock of HD – A Partial Summary


In the run up to HD Comm ’09 next week on September 15 in New York City, we present a select sampling of markets in review, along with other articles that provide additonal information where appropriate.

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot

July snapshot – HD Communication in […]

Snapshot – HD phones: Enterprise ready; Consumer coming


Enterprise: Ready Consumer: Coming SMB: A few Mobile: Waiting

Vendors discussed/cited:  ADTRAN, AudioCodes, Avaya, Cisco, Gigaset (Siemens), ooma, Polycom, snom

Enterprise: Ready

You don’t have to try very hard to find G.722 support for enterprise-grade IP phones. All of the usual suspects have G.722 codecs in one or more of their handset lines.

Avaya […]