Metaswitch Forum: HD voice on the roadmap, including conferencing


Orlando, FL – At today’s presentations at the Metaswitch Forum (, HD voice got some love (i.e. slides) on the product roadmap, including support for HD voice conferencing by the end of the year.

“HD voice is one of the few tricks that VoIP does that you can’t do with POTS,” said Metaswitch […]

TurboBridge focuses on HD voice conferencing without the whistles


With many participants in the conference services game, TurboBridge ( has decided to keep its approach simple, sticking to SIP-based conferencing, a service “priced to sell” and all-you-can eat conferencing plan.

“Consumers are numb to the ‘better message’,” said TurboBridge CEO Chris Koehncke, “The HD message falls on deaf ears, it’s not until people […]

SimpleSignal announces HD voice conference bridge


SimpleSignal has added an HD voice conference bridge solution to its list of hosted PBX calling features and voice apps.  Cost for the new service is a flat rate of $29 per month for up to 100 calls to participate in unlimited HD audio conference calls – volume discounts available.

Use of the […]