Taking Stock of HD – A Partial Summary


In the run up to HD Comm ’09 next week on September 15 in New York City, we present a select sampling of markets in review, along with other articles that provide additonal information where appropriate.

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot

July snapshot – HD Communication in […]

IT EXPO – Buying phones that are "HD Ready"


One point out of  IT EXPO for all IP voice planning: New VoIP deployments need to deploy handsets which are HD capable, even if HD won’t be initially implemented.

Given the relative cost of building HD into a phone — which Polycom CTO Jeff Rodman says is as little as a dollar these days […]

HD Connect 2010 – What do we do?


Marketing, marketing communications, event planners, and in-house PR personages working with HD Communications issues in New York City on the eve of HD Comm ’09 (i.e. the afternoon/evening of Monday, September 14), are invited to join with HD Connect Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney for an interactive discussion on activities and opportunities in 2010.

Specific time […]

Dedicated Twitter presence – HDConnectNow


Currently in alpha (from the greek, meaning, “I don’t know quite what to do with it, but I’m figuring it out”),   an “HDConnectNow” Twitter user is now up and running.

The ultimate goal is to dedicate Twitter HDConnectNow to HD Connect/HD Communications news, while DougonIPComm goes on its separate path…

New Android "Glass" biz phone supports HD


Some buzz today around the decloaking of Cloud Telecomputers and the announcement of its “Glass Platform” business IP phone hardware OEM platform.

If you’re looking for a marketing buzzword to define the hardware, it is “Media phone.” Glass has a lot of shiny bells and whistles for VoIP and geek users, including an 8 […]

XConnect makes the case for Interconnect 2.0


Is an upgraded interconnection infrastructure necessary for HD communications? Eli Katz, president of XConnect, thinks so.

XConnect is preaching the virtues of Interconnect 2.0, moving up the food change from simple SIP peering to a more sophisticated way for service providers to exchange IP traffic supporting end-to-end HD voice, video, and presence.

“On the […]