Steve Wildstrom’s skeptical take on HD Voice


Thanks to Ari Rabban of for the pointer.

Business Week columnist Steve Wildstrom was among the people that met with HD Connect last week and wrote a column about it.

As evidenced by the tag line of his blog, “Skeptical musings on the world of personal technology,” Windstrom is, while liking the concept […]

HDConnect at FCBA Dinner on December 10, 2009


HD Connect, the organization promoting HD communications, had a table at the Federal Communications Bar Association (FBCA) Chairman’s dinner.  Proceeds from the dinner go to a scholarship program.

Above – Jim Machi, Senior Vice President, Dialogic (L) and Ari Rabban, President/CEO, (right). is a sponsor of […]

HDConnect discusses benchmarks for HD voice service


Washington D.C. — A group of HD Voice industry executives met yesterday to discuss the issues and hurdles facing the widespread and ubiquitous  proliferation of HD service around the globe, as well as potential ways the U.S. government could foster the uptake of wideband technology.

Discussions were lead by HDConnect Executive Chairman Dan Berninger […]

HD Connect to announce market trial in DC on December 8


HDConnect plans to launch a “HDConnect Market Trial” in Washington D.C. on Thursday, December 10.

Announcement of the event/launch came in a brief posting on Jeff Pulver’s blog, with a seminar and introduction of the HDConnect trial at the Washington Hilton from 10 A.M. to noon, with participation by executives from Dialogic, DSP Group, […]

Opening remarks/comments on HD Communications Summit via Twitter


Morning Twitter coverage of HD Communications Summit on September 15, 2009 – Opening remarks

#HDComms ’09 event starting. Emphasis on Moldova — first country of HD voice #HDComms Berninger HD vendors “Collectively fighting ignorance” in letting people know that there’s an alternative to standard voice #HDComms Pulver – HD chance to “Make a […]

HD Comm '09 – HD Communications Summit, Fall 09 – MacLeod wrap-up


Jake MacLeod’s wrap-up of the proceedings at the HD Communications Summit/HD Comm ’09 on September 15, 2009, at New World Stages in New York City is now available in the original PowerPoint format.

It can be accessed here. A derivative work of the highlights in blog form (i.e. text-based) is expected to be posted […]

News from HD Comm '09 up shortly…


In event recovery mode today; will be posting several pieces from HD Comm ’09/HD Communications Summit this afternoon!

Needless to say, everyone there wants HD Voice (and gee, we can actually use HD Voice without fear) to move forward.

Taking Stock of HD – A Partial Summary


In the run up to HD Comm ’09 next week on September 15 in New York City, we present a select sampling of markets in review, along with other articles that provide additonal information where appropriate.

HD Communication in North America – Cable Providers – July 2009 snapshot

July snapshot – HD Communication in […]

Taking press release under embargo for HD Comm '09


If your company plans to release news next week at HD Comm ’09, please feel free to send a press release under embargo to or (they go to the same place) prior to Tuesday, September 15.

We know of a couple of firms that are planning to announce news at the event […]

HD Connect 2010 – What do we do?


Marketing, marketing communications, event planners, and in-house PR personages working with HD Communications issues in New York City on the eve of HD Comm ’09 (i.e. the afternoon/evening of Monday, September 14), are invited to join with HD Connect Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney for an interactive discussion on activities and opportunities in 2010.

Specific time […]