Orange launches international HD voice exchange for fixed & mobile carriers


Orange has launched an international HD voice call exchange, making it available to third-party operators and service providers.

The service is operated by Orange’s wholesale group and provides a single IP connection point and full IP routing for end-to-end HD voice service quality.  For businesses, Orange is offering HD voice on IPX via […]

Orange announces 4 million HD voice customers, interop between Moldova and Romania


Orange (France Telecom) has mobile HD voice calls moving seamlessly between Moldova and Romania, the first official announcement of interop between two mobile networks.   This announcement hits an HD voice interoperability goal the carrier announced back in 2011.  Further in the release, the company notes it how has “almost” 4 million HD voice customers […]

Neutral Tandem talks about HD voice interconnect service


Founded in 2003, Neutral Tandem ( routes over 10 billion minutes of traffic per month and as a neutral exchange platform, it moves traffic for over 110 major wireless, CLEC, cable service providers on an all-IP scalable network. The company was kind enough to provide a briefing last week under embargo to HD Voice […]

From IIT VoIP Conference & Expo: AT&T SIP transport PowerPoint slides


WARNING: BIG pictures ahead

These are several slides I’ve selected from the the AT&T SIP transport presentation given at the 5th Annual IIT VoIP Conference and Expo last week.

Please note: 1) This is not the full presentation, just excerpts. 2) As of October 18, evening, the full presentation is *not* on the IIT […]

AT&T lays out SIP peering architecture – and works it out


IIT VoIP Conference and Expo 2010, Chicago-burbs – AT&T ( has gone public with its architecture and plans (including business plans) for its SIP peering architecture.  While a company spokesperson wouldn’t discuss how far along the company was in discussions with other Tier 1 carriers, HD Voice News believes AT&T is much further along […]