Invoxia launches updated Audioffice with support for Android, latest Apple connector


The latest version of the invoxia Audioffice phone dock/conference device is now available.  It features a new universal connector for connecting iPhone 4 and 5 devices, as well as Android devices.

Audioffice has six speakers and four microphones, using a Cortex A8 processor for audio tasks. It features the company’s “inVivo Acoustic” technology to […]

Invoxia, Line2 adding new HD voice codecs


Desktop hardware manufacturer Invoxia and over-the-top service provider Line2 are currently testing new HD voice codecs for their respective products.

Via an email exchange, Invoxia says it is currently testing AMR-WB in its lab and the de facto mobile standard will be supported “in the next firmware upgrade” in two or three weeks.   […]

HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief on VUC June 29, at noon ET


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be on this week’s VUC call for June 29. The call starts at noon ET and will use the Invoxia NVX 610 (assuming no technical hiccups).

Michael Graves describes the upcoming event–

Friday June 29th The VUC call will feature Doug Mohney of HDVoice News. With over […]

Invoxia releases AudiOffice HD voice dock for iPad, iPhone


At Mobile World Congress, Invoxia has released the AudiOffice, a phone/Apple iThings dock optimized for the desktop.

Like its’ pricy predecessor the NVX 610 , the AudiOffice focuses on delivering the best sound quality.  It has four wideband speakers and two digital microphones to deliver better bass, perform sound processing to filter out echos […]

iPhone HD voice round-up: Invoxia, TeamViewer


Invoxia ( has announced the NVX 610, a VoIP phone with an iThings (iPhone/iPhone/iPad) dedicated app to enable dialing from the iThing, plus facilitate “mobile convergence.”  You can receive calls to an iThing mobile as well as VoIP based calls.

The big draw/brag with the NVX 610 is a total of eight 8 mics […]