Editorial: iPad, Apple, and HD voice–Who knows?


Does the “new” iPad support HD voice? If you take Fraunhofer’s definition of “Full-HD voice” – meaning if it uses its codec – the answer is, yes, the Apple iPad and iPhones with Facetime do HD voice.  But that’s not HD voice as defined within the mobile world today.

What if the phone […]

Invoxia releases AudiOffice HD voice dock for iPad, iPhone


At Mobile World Congress, Invoxia has released the AudiOffice, a phone/Apple iThings dock optimized for the desktop.

Like its’ pricy predecessor the NVX 610 , the AudiOffice focuses on delivering the best sound quality.  It has four wideband speakers and two digital microphones to deliver better bass, perform sound processing to filter out echos […]

Line2 brags up HD voice for iPad 3G


Toktumi (www.toktumi.com) announced that its Line2 app is the only one available for the iPad with WiFi +3G that can “completely” replicate the iPhone’s calling functionality.

CEO Peter Sisson goes so far as to use his iPad as a speaker phone for conference calls, saying that the iPad’s built in speakers and microphone make […]

GIPS calls HD voice & video chat on iPad


Global IP Solutions (www.gipscorp.com) has announced that it has made HD and super-wideband voice, plus one-way video chat on the Apple iPad.

The capabilities comes from GIPS VideoEngine Mobile and provides iPad developers a high-level API to provide videoconferencing/video chat capabilities. Interesting, there’s a line about “As video access becomes available from Apple” – […]