New Acrobits VoIP SIP iPhone application boasts G.722 support.


From the Czech Republic, Acrobits has released the latest versions of its iPhone client.  Both versions support G.722 in addition to a “SmoothFlow” video technology for video calling.  An Android client is expected to launch in the the second quarter of this year.

Consumers will get SIP Phone while business users can buy Groundwire.  […]

Deutsche Telekom adds broadband HD voice with Speedphone 700, iPhone SIP client


Deutsche Telekom (DT) this week has officially rolled out an Android DECT phone with native G.722 support, plus there’s an iPhone G.722 SIP client for in-home WiFi use.  It’s the latest move by DT to expand its HD voice support in the consumer world.

The Speedphone 700 is an Android-based home phone with […]

iPhone HD voice round-up: Invoxia, TeamViewer


Invoxia ( has announced the NVX 610, a VoIP phone with an iThings (iPhone/iPhone/iPad) dedicated app to enable dialing from the iThing, plus facilitate “mobile convergence.”  You can receive calls to an iThing mobile as well as VoIP based calls.

The big draw/brag with the NVX 610 is a total of eight 8 mics […]

Apple iPhone 4S– HD voice or not? More likely "Yes”


While there was no official discussion or mention of HD voice/wideband voice at the Apple iPhone 4S rollout earlier this week, it is possible/likely (Apologies for the hedging) that the device will support AMR-WB for voice calls in/on select vendors and markets.

T-Mobile and Orange have already announced the UK pricing for the […]

HD voice for Apple iPhone 4S?


Will Apple’s new iPhone support AMR-WB and HD voice? The company didn’t say anything about codecs and voice quality during its rollout with Sprint, but the discussions of a “world phone” imply AMR-WB support might be baked in and make a future appearance in Europe.

If/when the iPhone 4S appears in Europe and on […]

D2 adds iPhone, multi-party video to its mCUE IP communications stack; VoLTE support coming


D2 Technologies ( has rolled in support for multi-party video conferencing into the mCUE communications client and ported it over to the Apple iOS family (iPhone, iPad). In addition, mCUE will be fully VoLTE compliant by Q4 2011.

COO Doug Makishima said operators are looking for a “good enough” applications solution to put on […]

Movial ports Communicator to Android and iPhone; aims at tablet


Movial ( has announced it has put its Communicator application onto Android and iPhone.  Further, it is working with “several operators” to launch Android and iPhone VoIP apps and enabling video calling on Android tablets.

The SIP/IMS application for operators provides HD voice, HD video calling, enhanced address book and messaging across a variety […]

CES 2011–Ooma adds mobile HD voice client for Android, iPhone


Las Vegas – Ooma ( is now offering a mobile HD voice soft client to its Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod customers.

The Ooma Mobile HD app leverages a while-label version of the MailVision (AudioCodes) software client to use the Ooma service to make domestic and international calls from Android or Apple iOS devices over […]

CounterPath Bria for iPhone gets G.722 HD voice codec


Over-the-top/softclient maker CounterPath ( has released an upgrade to its Bria iPhone edition. The “complementary” upgrade includes support for G.722 – yes Virginia, now your iPhone can do standards-based HD voice.

Additional improvements include noise reduction, high-res images for the iPhone 4 (has that fancy screen don’tcha know) and “substantially improved” battery life on […]

Skype pledges “Near CD quality” voice in 3G, over 3G


Over the weekend Skype ( announced Skype for iPhone 2.0. Among the features listed in the new release were “near CD quality” sound for Skype-to-Skype calls with the use of the SILK codec – if you have the right hardware.  The big deals in the announcements were calls being available over a 3G connection […]