HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES – Bookend Jeffs


The HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES will be opened by a Jeff and closed by a Jeff. More specifically, Internet visionary and serial entrepreneur Jeff Pulver and Polycom co-founder and CTO Jeff Rodman.

The first Jeff will open the HD Communications Summit with remarks discussing “Our HD Voice Future.”  Pulver,  quite possible the […]

Jeff Pulver summarizes HD Comm '09


In a blog posting “The VoIP Industry ReBoot Continues,”  Jeff Pulver summarizes his thoughts on last week’s proceedings.  We present it here so you don’t have to click over…



September 17, 2009 The VoIP Industry ReBoot Continues

On Tuesday, September 15th, the second HD Communications Summit took place in New York City. […]

Opening remarks/comments on HD Communications Summit via Twitter


Morning Twitter coverage of HD Communications Summit on September 15, 2009 – Opening remarks

#HDComms ’09 event starting. Emphasis on Moldova — first country of HD voice #HDComms Berninger HD vendors “Collectively fighting ignorance” in letting people know that there’s an alternative to standard voice #HDComms Pulver – HD chance to “Make a […]

FYI – Schedule for HD Comm '09 on Sept 15


Jeff Pulver blogged up the latest agenda for HD Comm ’09 on September 15, 2009 last night; we reproduce it here for your convenience.

As a reminder/FYI , you can save 20% from registration for the HD Comm ‘09 event in New York City on September 15 by using the code “HDConnectNow.”


HD […]

HD and the CableLabs Conference


Last week, Jeff Pulver went to Colorado to attend the CableLabs Summer conference, an event primarily for cable companies.  One of the featured topics was (did you really have to guess?) HD Voice.   To save you from a click, we reprint his article below…


From Jeff Pulver’s blog on August 14.

Putting […]

HD and the 50 year legacy of President Kennedy's Moscow hotline

Tweet by Jeff Pulver and Daniel Berninger

President Obama’s embrace of technology innovation should include an upgrade of the Moscow hotline.  Implementation of HD voice represents the best way to honor the legacy of President Kennedy’s hotline as it approaches 50 years of service. The type of emergencies justifying use of the hotline do not arise […]

Jeff Pulver chats HD Communications


Jeff Pulver has put up a video talking about the promise and potential of HD Communications; the video can either be found at his website or at the HD Comm ’09 event site.

Thought pieces on HD Communications


Admittedly a bit weighted to the existing HD Connect leadership at this point in time (Looking for other, vendor-neutral pieces, hint-hint), this list presents various thought pieces discussing HD Communications, including HD voice and its applications.

Dan Berninger

The Promise of High Definition Voice Beyond Skype (pulver.com)

The HD Connect […]

Summary coverage of the first HD Communications Summit


ABP Blog

HD Communications the Turning Point for VoIP

Brough Turner

Flickr – HD Communications Summit Communications: My coverage of HD Communcations Summit mostly on Twitter.

Doug on IP Comm

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit Presentations at the HD Communications Summit – pictures […]