Media5 and DSP Group announce HD voice enabled E-DVA on Intel Puma 6 chip


Media5 and DSP Group have announced the integration of its products to provide an HD voice enabled E-DVA (Embedded Digital Voice Adaptor) for the Intel Puma 6 SoC (System on Chip) found in cable modem boxes.

The solution includes the M5T E-DVA SDK with DSP Group’s DCX81 SoC.  The combination provides a “comprehensive HD […]

Media5 introduces HD softphone app for the iPhone family


Media5 ( joins everyone else on the planet with an iPhone application, specifically the Media5-fone VoIP SIP Mobile Softphone (hit enough SEO key words?) V2.2.

There are two versions of Media5-fone available from the iPhone app store, a free version and a full edition, and there’s also a white-label version for service providers to […]