Bahrain gets HD voice


Zain Bahrain announced its launch of HD voice via Twitter today, March 31, 2014.

Calls are “free of charge” on its new network, according to the tweet. No other details were available, but presumably users to be “on net” and have an HD voice capable phone.

Zain has a commercial presence in 8 […]

Morocco adds HD voice through Inwi


Last week, Morocco joined the HD voice club.  Inwi launched service around March 20 and supports HD voice on both its 2G and 3G+ networks.

The usual terms and conditions apply: No additional cost, must be an on-network call, both participants must have an HD voice capable phone.

Phones supporting HD voice via Inwi […]

Saudi Arabia’s biggest mobile carrier rolls out HD voice


Saudi Telecom Company (STC) launched HD voice on its 3G GSM network today, giving the country two operators providing wideband services. 

The news bubbled up on Twitter yesterday, buried in a flurry of #HDvoice AT&T tweets. STC has a web page and video explaining the new service to customers that can be found […]

Saudi Arabia gets HD voice


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) now has HD voice service through Mobily, the country’s second mobile provider.

No formal announcement has crossed the wires, but a tweet from @ttochiz points to a picture from Mobily’s website along with a tweet from @Mobily 

Translation issues make it difficult to extract details.  […]

Qatar Qtel offering HD voice on 3G network


Qtel, the phone company of Qatar, is now offering HD voice service on its 3G network. Phones supported include the Apple iPhone 5 and the “latest” Sony Xperia phones.

In a press release issued yesterday, Qtel said it launched HD voice service in June 2012 and now “after a period of network stabilisation<sic> and […]

Dubai mobile carrier du “upgraded” for HD voice via HSPA, rolling out LTE


Dubai carrier du says it has upgraded its network to support HD voice on its HSPA network. It isn’t clear if the service is commercially available or still in trials.

The August 31, 2012 Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) report says du was still in trials, but several recent pieces out of the region […]

Orange Jordan adds HD voice


Jordan has joined the HD voice community, reports  It becomes the third Middle Eastern carrier to support wideband.

Now available to all Orange Jordan 3G+ subscribers,  few details are available due to translation issues. HD Voice News assumes the standard terms of service apply (No extra charge for HD voice calls, support […]

France Telecom releases onslaught of HD voice news–1 million mobile HD voice users


France Telecom has launched a major offensive for HD voice today, declaring it wants to “open up” the use of HD Voice communications by 2013.  The company says it now has  one million (1M) mobile HD voice users, and has further launches planned this year, particularly in the AMEA (Africa, Middle East, and Asia) […]