GSMA promoting HD voice at Mobile World Congress


GSMA plans to promote its HD voice activities as a part of the Rich Communications Innovation area at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Located at the GSMA stand in Congress Square CS80, live demonstrations will be conducted along with presentations by Audience, Deutsche Telekom, Head Acoustics, Orange and Samsung.

Look for vendor shirts with […]

IDG News spots HD voice at Mobile World Congress


“More Phones Are Getting HD Voice,” by Mikael Ricknas of IDG News is now making the top of the search engines this moment.

The story notes the proliferation of HD voice support across a range of GSM networks around the world and handsets – plus  some annoyance at Apple for not getting on board […]

Huawei forgets to mention HD voice with new phones, tablets at Mobile World Congress


Huawei’s ( new phones and tablets boast quad-core processors, Dolby sound and hot video, but do they support AMR-WB and HD voice? It’s not in the press releases.

The Huawei Ascend D quad “Pegasus” clames to be the fastest quad-core smartphone in the world and it certainly has the hardware to support HD […]

ZTE plugging HD voice from the get-go at Mobile World Congress


Out of the rush of new phone announcements coming out of Mobile World Congress, ZTE ( has captured the essence of plugging HD voice early and often in its rollout of new mobile handsets targeted at worldwide markets.

Leading the pack is the ZTE Era, a 7.8 mm thick device incorporating NVIDIA’s Tegra […]

Fraunhofer demonstrates “Full-HD Voice” over LTE + Android at Mobile World Congress


Continuing to fight its uphill battle against AMR-WB, G.722, and other HD voice codecs, Fraunhofer IIS showcasing AAC-ELD, the “Full-HD Voice” codec.

Fraunhofer is conducing a live demonstration of the Full-HD Voice experience using Android mobile phones incorporating the AAC-ELD codec, connected over an LTE network provided Fraunhofer HHI.

AAC-ELD operates at bit-rates comparable […]

MWC 2011: Updates to Verizon Wireless LTE HD voice demos


Verizon Wireless ( is demonstrating a broad range of Voice over LTE (VoLTE)  and HD voice capable gear in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress this week. We have updates from Quentyn Kennemer and Verizon Wireless.

Tweeting as @ogwilson, Kennemer told HD Voice News both the Motorola DROID BIONIC and the HTC Thunderbolt will support […]

HD voice news wrap-up from Mobile World Congress 2010


When it came to mobile HD voice service announcements out of Barcelona,  Mobile World Congress this year was an all-France Telecom show, despite hints dropped by 3 UK that other providers would announce mobile HD voice services and an AMR-WB peering exchange.

Codec and IP communications stack developers got their share of headlines, […]

MWC: GMSA awards France Telecom mobile HD voice “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough”


The GSMA (GSM Association) recognized France Telecom – nice someone did, since nearly all the media covering MWC media were frothing over Yet Another App/App Store  — for its implementation of mobile HD voice.

France Telecom received the “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” in the course of the 15th Annual Global Mobile Awards during the […]

MWC: Ericsson pumps HD voice in Barcelona


Ericsson is not taking a subtle approach to HD voice.  The company, in league with Orange, is providing and promoting HD voice service across Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress event this week.  It’s a move that might wake up some other network equipment manufacturers to the prospects of using HD voice as an […]

MWC: Orange to offer 8 mobile HD voice phones in 1H 2010; all by 2011.


France Telecom/Orange continues its steamroller push of mobile HD voice service at Mobile World Congress this week. The company says it plans to offer eight (8) mobile HD voice phones in the first half of this year and all of its handsets are expected to support HD voice by the end of 2011.

In […]