Vodafone Ireland launches HD voice


Vodafone Ireland has launched HD voice, according to a report from Silicon Republic. 

The two unique points of the news are: 1) First HD voice service in Ireland and 2) A Vodafone subsidiary; Vodafone has been slow to roll out HD voice.

Otherwise the news is pretty standard, with HD voice being […]

Sprint boasts HD voice in 2012, HTC 4G LTE as “First HD Voice-capable” smartphone in U.S.


Sprint is playing up HD voice – both in its network and phone “capabilities” in the roll out of its latest HTC Evo.  The HTC EVO 4G LTE will be available in “the second quarter” for $199.99, with pre-orders starting on May 7.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE has Android 4.0 with HTC […]

Global mobile Suppliers Association adds to mobile HD voice headcount in Feb report


In its latest mobile HD voice market report, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (www.gsacom.com) now counts 15 “commercial” HD voice networks in 14 countries.  The report characterizes momentum for introducing HD voice as “growing.”

The first report released in mid-November cited 10 commercial HD voice networks operational in 9 countries.  New countries listed in […]

Editorial: Will Martin Stanford be the viral stimulus to mobile HD voice?


Martin Stanford of Sky News/Tech Talk posted a demo of Orange UK’s mobile HD voice service to YouTube on January 24.  The geeki-rati are going nuts on it.

I’ve already received one email plugging the clip and it keeps on cycling back in to the top in various web page iterations/variations on Google […]

France Telecom/Orange lights up Luxembourg with HD Voice


The Elves at Ericsson (www.ericsson.com) are continuing to forward information about the latest mobile HD voice turn ups with Luxembourg being the latest territory.

Orange issued a press release on December 8 announcing the turn up of mobile HD voice service throughout the country (C’mon, it’s not a BIG country).

Affirming the laundry […]

France Telecom’s mobile HD voice blitz continues – Belgium now live


Mobistar (www.mobistar.be), France Telecom/Orange’s Belgium subsidiary, has now announced mobile HD service in Belgium. 

Mobile HD voice service is available through Mobistar’s 3G network and provided via AMR-WB codec.  Customers of Mobistar get mobile HD voice service free of charge.

Mobistar’s network covers 90 percent of the population.  Current devices supported .. […]